Look who's whining while still setting the example that the LGBT follows: Press For Truth

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Feb 13, 2019
Now this group of religious imbeciles look dumber than the LGBT playing right into it's frigging hand. The reason heterosexuals do not parade around pride is that we have a factually valid reason to be proud of our sexual orientation, we are not trying to dupe the public with lies when it comes to having a valid reason to be proud of our sexual orientation and this guy even mentioned the reason, thanks to heterosexual unions each and every one of us even exists you religious imbeciles. This heterosexual says you can stuff your pathetic parade up your derrière, your religious garbage up there too and so can the LGBT stuff their phony garbage and I see allot more of the bigger picture than you could ever likely imagine. It was the religious that inspired this sick LGBT behavior because like the religious now they ignore fact, make up lies, call it their belief while trying to force such rubbish on everyone else. The religious are responsible for this sick behavior because you fools ignored fact and tried to make everything about belief you stupid lot of dunce ignoramuses and look at how they used that against society because facts were being ignored while the battle of liars over their claims of factually falsified belief took stage and look who's whining while still setting the example that the LGBT follows while trying to drag heterosexuals through the mud over pea brained religious bs.

Truth is the garbage that crumbles when pit vs fact every single time. This parade was the dumbest idea I have been dreading even a remote possibility of for years. I always suspected that the LGBT if anyone would stage it to further try and drag heterosexuals down to their sexually defective level but instead religious dummies are doing it for them as they have been paving the way for the LGBT the whole freaking time.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada