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Oct 27, 2020
LIE-berals whine that Facebook and other web sites are over run with hate speech and disinformation! So why don’t LIE-berals STOP posting their deceitful CRAP? Less LIE-beral CRAP will REDUCE the number of angry responses that always disingenuous LIE-berals are trying and FAILING to label as hate speech!

In other crazy making news - Our idiot Boy Justin thinks it is a GOOD IDEA to build a bunch of “mini nuclear reactors” for distribution to isolated places like native reserves! Our idiot Boy is BLIND to the insanity of such a proposal!

For one thing - Cdn nuclear industry HAS PROVEN it is not capable of efficiently or safely building such devices! One has only to look at the repeated cost over runs and screw ups that led to a British/French Consortium staffed by former navy sailors with training gained from running NUCLEAR SUBMARINES - who took over the operation of the Bruce Nuclear Power Station here in Ontari-owe - from the CDNs!

In other news that LIE-berals will not discuss publicly - some Cdns will recall that the nuclear reactor in Chalk River - outside Ottawa is the oldest continuously operated reactor on the planet and that it produces one third of all the medical isotopes used on the planet!

And civil service union HOGS had the grand idea of building a BIG NEW REACTOR that would replace the older and nearly worn out old one! Too bad that HOGS swallowed up HUGE GOBS OF GRAVY while TRYING AND FAILING to build a new reactor!

HOGS were so focussed on building the new reactor even though they lacked the skill set that they totally NEGLECTED the old one - with the result it very nearly suffered a total break own - which would have left cancer patients around the world with no access to medical isotopes for cancer treatments and etc!

Yes - Cdn nuclear HOGS can replace old pipes and wiring in a “monkey see, monkey do” sort of fashion - but designing an efficient nuclear reactor from the groudn up is BEYOND THEM!

When then prime minister Stephen Harper was made aware of the mess the HOGS had made - he ordered the head of the department FIRED - while HOGS whined that Harper was “muzzling Cdn scientists”!

In addition to being oblivious to this parade of questionable technical abilities - Our idiot Boy seems unaware that we live in a world FULL of crazed terrorists! The LIE-beral plan for the mini nucs calls for them to be built in some central location and then shipped to where they will be needed - thus offering amazing options and opportunities for a HIJACKER!

A Muslim terrorist would certainly stand out in a crowd of Cdn natives - but the terrorist WOULD NOT NEED to go to a nuclear powered reserve to steal anything! The terrorist could simply access the construction facility - which will naturally be in or near an urban centre - and steal what he wants while hidden in plain sight within a crowd of workers!

Considering how diligently Chinese citizens are working to infiltrate western laboratories to steal information - and considering that India got its nuclear weapons program up and running thanks to the sale of a Candu reactor - it seems quite likely that terrorists would regard a Cdn nuclear production facility as a VERY WORTHWHILE PLACE TO VISIT and pick up supplies!

In addition - native reserves - which LIE-berals apparently want to power with NUCS instead of the current diesel generators - tend to be in isolated places such that LONG trips by truck and by ship would be needed to move the reactors -thus offering up more multiple options for a hijacker to strike!

WORST OF ALL - Cdn natives HAVE PROVEN they cannot operate a standard drinking water producing facility! CBC News boasted of three northern Ontari-owe bands who recently were able to END THEIR TWENTY YEAR LONG BOIL WATER ADVISORY - after a tribal member actually graduated from high school - a notable feat for natives on reserves to begin with - and then he went to college and obtained qualifications so he was licenced to operate the filtration plant that had been sitting MOTH BALLED for 20 years since no educated person was willing to live on the third world pest hole reserves! If natives are unable to even make sure their drinking water is clean - WTF will they do with a nuclear reactor?

As we know - Ottawa built a state of the art drinking water filtration plant AND a state of the art sewage treatment plant in Kashetchewan on the shore of Hudson`s Bay - and supplied the local band council with funds so they could HIRE WHITE PEOPLE to fly in and repair the facilities whenever the machinery broke down in ways that natives lacked the technical skill to repair!

Kashetchewan Council WASTED its repair budget by sending a big gang of hockey players and parents to California for a good party - complete with fine dining and good wines and a little gambling at a casino! And when the party ended and the water plants BROKE DOWN - the band council was quick to blame Ottawa and Queens Park for letting them live in such desperate and deplorable conditions - with the aid of bigoted LIE-beral friendly news media whores!

So how in hell can LIE-berals think it is a good idea to scatter nuclear reactors in isolated places around the country - WITH NO GUARDS - after all we have NO MILITARY FORCES to speak of - and with only a very few sober and responsible citizens living nearby?

Considering the SHAMBLES that natives and LIE-berals made with drinking water - HOW IN HELL can we survive any situation that puts NUCLEAR REACTORS in the hands of ill educated, white hating, drunken dorks?

This nuclear reactor proposal has “MAJOR LIE-beral Boondoggle” written all over it!

In other news Cdns need actual income - NOT an opportunity to go broke while paying interest on gravy that LIE-berals borrowed - simply to BUY votes!

Trudope LIE-berals would rather force legal gun owners to sell their long guns to govt than bother spending LIE-beral gravy to get cops to take illegal pistols from gang bangers! LIE-berals KNOW our legal system is already over loaded and cannot handle more THUGS - thus LIE-berals focus on legal gun owners who obey the rules and issue pious and empty platitudes over criminal violence!

Cdn green house gas emissions are GOING DOWN on a per person basis - but over all Cdn emissions are going UP due to LIE-beral immigration policy! More people equals more emissions thus with each year LIE-beral efforts to import people who will happily sell their votes to LIE-berals ENSURES that their emission targets get ever farther out of reach! And after five years of Trudope govt - LIE-berals just missed their 2020 greenhouse gas emissions by 99%!)

LIE-berals intend to drive us into energy poverty for a miss-guided principle!

LIE-berals DEMAND that we use less fossil fuel so the environment can be saved even if it wrecks the entire economy! So why not just keep fuel hog airplanes grounded since they generate 75 percent of ALL pollution related to transportation - meaning anything that carries either passengers or cargo - buses, ships, trucks, cars, trains and planes! With fuel hog planes spewing 75 percent of THE TOTAL POLLUTION from transporting ANYTHING to anywhere!

Trudope LIE-berals have stopped talking about green policy ideas that the public despises and started talking about daycare options instead - that they HOPE will be more acceptable to the dead broke general public! Yet LIE-berals HAVE NO CLUE how to keep our kids safe from Wuhan Virus in schools and day cares!

Covidiots keep whining about so called “herd immunity” and yet THERE IS NO SUCH THING! Recent news articles make it abundantly clear that one can catch Wuhan Virus as often as one catches Flu Virus! There IS NO HERD IMMUNITY!

Federal data says 5.5 million Cdns are out of work or on reduced hours yet 7.8 million Cdns have made CERB claims! Will LIE-berals EVER claw back money that went to fraud artists?

I guess we will get that CERB money back right after LIE-berals build a safe and reliable nuclear generator! Meaning NEVER!