MP Elizabeth May: Respect Is Earned, It's Not A Privilege That Comes With The MP Title

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Feb 13, 2019
If you do not want to be referred to as the lunatic fringe left out to destroy the country then stop setting the precedent for the lunatic left fringe out to destroy the country with a slew of sick and filthy transparent lies and deceptions that many of you sell outs support. No matter what crap flies from your face, your actions are, and in this instance to do with destroying Canada, transparent.

Yeah a mentally redundant lie supporting sell out demands respect for supporting lies while selling you out Canada and throwing you under the bus because the traitor infiltrates an MP office they use as so called justification to demand being respected while abusing their position towards stabbing Canadians in the back. That doesn't deserve so much as a shred of respect, it deserves the garbage pail. What's next a murder spree where the May demands respect for the murderer? Perhaps rape gangs where May demands respect for rapists?! Yeah right, pretend to respect a liar and sell out for lying and selling us out because the liar demands respect for lying thus in doing so would make a phony of you for adhering to such rubbish.

MP Rosemarie Falk, way to step up and call it much like it is on this one. Keep your spine Rosemarie.

The following video is about a minute in duration titled: Virtual Parliament turns chaotic after Conservative MP says "fringe left" wants to "destroy" Canada

(Cringe warning)


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