MP Elizabeth May: Respect Is Earned, It's Not A Privilege That Comes With The MP Title

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Feb 13, 2019
If you do not want to be referred to as the lunatic fringe left out to destroy the country then stop setting the precedent for the lunatic left fringe out to destroy the country with a slew of sick and filthy transparent lies and deceptions that many of you sell outs support. No matter what crap flies from your face, your actions are, and in this instance to do with destroying Canada, transparent.

Yeah a mentally redundant lie supporting sell out demands respect for supporting lies while selling you out Canada and throwing you under the bus because the traitor infiltrates an MP office they use as so called justification to demand being respected while abusing their position towards stabbing Canadians in the back. That doesn't deserve so much as a shred of respect, it deserves the garbage pail. What's next a murder spree where the May demands respect for the murderer? Perhaps rape gangs where May demands respect for rapists?! Yeah right, pretend to respect a liar and sell out for lying and selling us out because the liar demands respect for lying thus in doing so would make a phony of you for adhering to such rubbish.

MP Rosemarie Falk, way to step up and call it much like it is on this one. Keep your spine Rosemarie.

The following video is about a minute in duration titled: Virtual Parliament turns chaotic after Conservative MP says "fringe left" wants to "destroy" Canada

(Cringe warning)


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David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada
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Oct 27, 2020
Here is an older article to remind us that there is a VALID REASON why Liz May and her Greenies don’t get no respect! And we should ask how much political trouble can we get into if we implement electoral reform and proportional representation (call it PR) under LIE-beral supervision?

The Green Party is MOST excited about PR as they expect to be BIG WINNERS under PR. Of course most Cdns will be BIG LOSERS if Greens get what they desire! Consider these statements taken from Green Party policy statements, with some comments of my own added in brackets):

Sustainable Economy. Because tomorrow is serious business.

(Yes- the article is over 4 years old- but NO significant element of Green party policy has been updated in that time!)

Canada is teetering on a recession for the second time since Stephen Harper became prime minister. His ill-advised political pledge to eliminate the deficit he created, just in time for this election, is now risking a deepening recession.

(Harper is the most LIED ABOUT leader in Cdn history! And CATCH the Green assertion that Harper was UNWISE to limit the deficits!)

(Greens are clearly excited about deficit financing. They have learned NOTHING from NDP leader Bob Rae and the Rae Days that resulted when Boob tried to spend us rich- as Our idiot Boy Justin is now trying and FAILING to do! Nor have GREENS learned from the economic chaos that has enveloped the European PIGS-led by Greece!)

We are one of the wealthiest nations in the world in every sense of the word. Today, our economy produces 50 percent more wealth per capita than it did a generation ago.

(Too bad Greens did not calculate what our economy would be producing if we had to STOP borrowing and start PAYING BACK what we have borrowed! Greens IGNORE the debt disaster that is stalking us and getting CLOSER!)

Nevertheless, Canadians are feeling more squeezed economically than ever before. Despite a shift to two-income households, the current generation of young families faces increasing costs for housing, education, and childcare, and unprecedented household debt.

(This is what happens when you live beyond your means and are beholden to a cabal of powerful civil service unions that are holding the rest of us to ransom for their gravy! And this is another reason for our economy to LOOK healthy-average out the $95 grand a teacher gets with the $40 grand an ordinary person gets and it comes out to a respectable LOOKING Cdn national “average income” -but the teacher is the only one happy or comfortable and such poisoned LIE-beral averages let Greens and LIE-berals pretend the economy is better than it really is!)

Meanwhile, our political leaders repeat the mantra that government cupboards are bare. Deep cuts in the tax rate for large corporations have led to a hoarding of cash in big business bank accounts. The Former Governor of the Bank of Canada called it “dead money” – and there’s a lot of it. Over $600 billion, equivalent to 32 percent of our GDP, is held in corporate bank accounts – not being re-invested, not working at all. Dead money. Old-line parties have ignored places to fund needed programs and instead claim there is no new money for health care services, education, pensions, infrastructure, public safety, or scientific research.

(Greens spout the sort of economic madness last heard at Communist Party rallies in Moscow - before the collapse of Soviet Union. All political parties are under HUGE PRESSURE to produce MORE JOBS and they all employ the same bait -LOWER TAXES. You cannot play the World Monopoly game without money!)

(As for the idea that money in bank savings accounts is “DEAD” - do Greens not understand that banks EARN MONEY be lending bank deposits out at INTEREST! LIE-berals and their idiot NDPee and Greenie cousins consider that saved money is “Dead Money”! Meaning it is no good TO THEM - in spite of the constant refrain that WE must save for our old age!)

(But wait- ALL Cdn Socialists know that interest rates MUST be kept low - or else the Cdn govt debts will be UN-MANAGEABLE!! This money in savings accounts is not producing real profits - or govt taxes on that income because LIE-berals will not allow higher rates- thus they are screwing investors, pensioners living on fixed incomes and the civil service union HOGS who OWN most of the bank stocks!)

(LIE-berals and their less intelligent cousins of NDP and Greens are talking themselves in CIRCLES!! Socialist concepts of fiscal responsibility have all the charm and efficiency of a Black Hole sucking up EVERYTHING IN REACH- and making it DISAPPEAR! Logic has NO CHANCE against LIE-beral greed!)

(Greens refer to money held in corporate accounts as `dead`-this is NOT the case-that money is what allows our banking system to continue being regarded as SOLVENT and more stable than banks in other countries since we have those “savings” to fall back on if trouble comes! Just look at the extra $100 Billion dollars in debt Trudope LIE-berals ran up BEFORE Wuhan Virus appeared - and ask if it would be easier to pay for CERB AID now - if LIE-berals had not spent so wildly while trying to BUY votes for the 2019 election! Yes - LIE-beral vote buying worked so well they ended up SELLING their 2015 majority and trading it in on a MINORITY!)

(We certainly can not count on ordinary Cdns to save the kind of money LIE-berals need for their pie in the sky policies - not without having a gun to their heads! But then I have often accused ALL Trudopes of being aspiring Soviet Dictators! As for the Greenies - they have not yet acquired enough power to reveal their TRUE SELVES!)

(And corporations exist for the sole purpose of making MORE money-give them a real biz opportunity and watch them jump for it USING that `dead` money! Further, Greens IGNORE the reality that much of that money is tied to company stocks held by Cdns - if you waste that money stupidly then Cdns suffer.)

There is a serious disconnect between the unprecedented wealth produced by the Canadian economy and the increasing economic insecurity of Canadians.

(That `disconnect` is solely the result of MASSIVE transfers of wealth from ordinary Cdns into the pockets of Working Family civil service union Hogs- aided and abetted by colossal BORROWING!! The money borrowed only exists on paper yet by the magic of LIE-beral accounting- BORROWED MONEY that will take CENTURIES and multiple generations of Cdns to pay off- is transformed by LIE-beral accounting into REAL and CURRENT GRAVY for HOGS!)

(By June 2018, Ontari-owe LIE-berals had made promises - plus interest - to their high school teachers totaling FIFTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS for pension upgrades in exchange for HOG votes! If this money is not paid by LIE-berals by about 2018 then high school teacher pension plan will edge into BANKRUPTCY! We did not have the money when LIE-berals made the promises and we don’t have it now. LIE-berals cannot shovel OUR money fast enough into the 19 civil service union pension plans to keep them solvent-so great is union greed for gravy!)
Oct 27, 2020
Part 2 - NO RESPECT for Greenies!

(Wynne-bag Ontari-owe LIE-berals made such stupendous efforts to pay our HOGS that it has destroyed the Ontari-owe LIE-beral party! Our idiot Boy Justin and his federal LIE-berals are following down the same ruinous road - and Greenies SUPPORT their LIE-beral idiot cousins!)

(Greenies want to outdo LIE-berals in shameless partisan spending! Greens must accept that offering us LIE-beral style policies will ruin what`s left of our economy. Teacher Hog pensions are so lavish that a teacher can make as much or MORE money while retired than they ever earned while working!)

We need to immediately build those sectors that benefit from the lower Canadian dollar – manufacturing, tourism, value-added forest products and cultural industries.

(What a joke! Manufacturing in Canada is in a holding pattern-waiting to see if LIE-berals are stupid enough to go ahead with their Carbon crap and trade scam -the one Greens STRONGLY support! The Carbon crap is NOT a plan to save the environment; it is nothing more than a GIANT slush fund that LIE-berals plan to dip into so they can BUY Hog votes. If LIE-berals - or Greens do Not exempt Cdn manufacturing companies from the Carbon tax then they can wave BYE-BYE to ALL our manufacturing jobs as they flee to other countries where taxes are lower and carbon is ignored! The European Carbon Scam has PROVED THIS! Either we exempt big polluters OR WE LOSE JOBS! LIE-berals offer exemptions!)

(And what of tourism? Travel by air plane is the dirtiest way to travel - do Greens really want INCREASED air travel and tourism - with its VAST increase in air pollution and attendant rise in use of fossil fuel? And what of the recent proposal of Toronto council to put a tax on hotel rooms? How does increasing cost benefit tourism? But Silly Hall must buy Hog votes just like LIE-berals - so hike the new taxes!)

(Greens want to support `cultural industries`? That`s nice. Does anybody remember `Bubbles Galore`-the LAME soft porn film shot in Canada using the newly created LIE-beral inspired film credits? Or how about the “shit” art-literally - that was featured in The Globe newspaper a a decade back? LIE-beral inspired artists bought a dozen pairs of cotton slacks and then ate a nice range of foods-and then shit in their pants! Some were over achievers and shit several times in the pants for greater effect! The pants were then put on display at an art gallery that got 80percent of its operating budget from LIE-beral govt! The shitty pants-with their colourful variety of textures and range of application methods - some lightly done and others caked in place - were supposed to be some sort of parody of life and death and creativity. Do we want MORE bureaucrats producing shit art and soft porn? That rat Pierre Trudeau stated one good thing: “that the state had no business in the bedrooms of the nation!” I agree with that and add: the state should stay away from the art business too!)

We need to embrace the 21st century economic revolution of clean technology.

Canada is falling far behind the U.S. in productivity. More R & D and innovation will come from manufacturing and clean technology.

(Apparently Greens have not noticed that we are ENTIRELY a branch plant economy. Sweden can sell us VOLVO cars because Volvo puts home based Swedish interests FIRST. Same sort of thing with Honda, Kia, Mercedes. Astin Martin. So called Cdn auto makers take their orders direct from Detroit generally and from Flint Michigan specifically. Cdn industry is OWNED by foreigners-and THEY dictate what we may make ands where we can sell it. The same sort of rules apply to value added forest products - we have sold ourselves to foreigners for quick economic fixes and now our hands are tied!)

Secure Canada’s economic leadership over the coming decade by creating a fund to invest in skills-training, education, energy efficiency, renewables, and emerging technologies.

(Apparently Greens have never tried to get hired as an apprentice in Canada. There are ALREADY all manner of colleges delighted to train us in all sorts of things-but there are NO JOBS. Going ever deeper into debt to train people for jobs that don’t exist is NOT a solution! But hiring LOTS of teacher HOGS is a GREAT vote buying strategy! Europeans have a much better apprenticeship training regimen than we do and yet their debts and unemployment rates are much higher than ours? Greens offer no answer regarding WHY? I say its DEBT that hobbles European economies - and ours as well!)

We will capitalize this fund by expanding revenue through returning corporate tax rates on large corporations to the 2009 level (19 percent), eliminating tax havens and tax credits used by the extremely wealthy, taxing pollution and waste, increasing the efficiency of our tax system, and working with provinces to increase resource extraction royalties.

(Oh great, LIE-berals are busy trying frantically to BRIBE companies to stay here and Greens want to ADD to the tax burden and ruin everything!)

The time has come to redesign our tax system for the 21st century economy. As a starting point, in line with fundamental principles of fairness, efficiency and equity, we will eliminate the exemptions, special cases and tax breaks for favoured interests. These boutique tax cuts have cluttered our tax code, needlessly increasing its complexity. We must ensure the tax system helps, not hinders, Canadians. These changes will ensure that we capture and secure economic benefits for all Canadians.

(Greens have not noticed that LIE-berals derive their votes from a cabal of powerful union Hogs-and both Hogs and corporations must be bribed with tax breaks or they wont play nice with govt! And for the 55 plus percent of Cdns who are too disgusted to vote-politicians calm that herd by offering up more assorted `boutique` tax benefits. Eliminating `boutique` tax cuts will ensure that Hogs and their dependants will maul Greens in any election-at every opportunity. Hogs are already FURIOUS at LIE-berals for holding back shipments of new gravy-and Greens seriously expect to win votes by taxing the wealthy even further?)

Canada is one of the safest places in the world to invest. Rather than investing abroad, the majority of the Canadian Sustainable Generations Fund will be invested here in Canada – in Canadian jobs, education, infrastructure, small-business, and communities.

(If only it was that easy-democratic govts around the world have been `managing` and `stimulating` their economies for decades-and the only result has been soaring DEBT! More govt is the problem-NOT the solution!)

(Greens are offering us nothing but a half baked melange of poorly thought out schemes spiced with old and disgraced former LIE-beral money management policies! Do we really want to turn the clock back to the Pierre Trudeau era? There is a reason why he told us all to Fuddle Duddle and then gave that Salmon Arm salute....and Greens want us to return to that?)