MP Maxime Bernier with Dr. Patrick Moore 97% Climate Change Consensus Myth

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Feb 13, 2019
Oh come on wake up, he started off well then spews rhetoric, what do I mean? Science is the process that determines recognition of fact, once recognized as fact, no longer a science. Truth is the garbage that crumbles when pit vs fact every single time.

The process of science lead to seeking a formula for harnessing electricity and it became fact that a successful formula for harnessing electricity came to pass thus no longer a science but a recognized fact that we harnessed electricity. Scientific processes began from there towards what to do with electricity harnessed and someone thought they could use it to light up a room thus the process of science lead to a successful formula called the light bulb thus no longer a science but a recognized fact we could use electricity with a light bulb to light up a room. I think you get the gist by now ...

Globalists want to end climate change, yet the climate always changes and they are obviously to stupid to realize the obvious and how pathetic globalists prove to be yet again. These are the dummies that want to rule the globe and yet the world is far to great a place for their mental redundancies to ever rule.

Well Max, looks like you might have a shot in lieu of what see going on. It doesn't help to have people spewing half cocked rhetoric on PPC behalf.

When it comes to fact, there is no argument, there is either recognition of fact or ignorance towards fact. I have shared facts exposing top physicists for the liars they prove to be regarding their bs to do with the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator. Give me the all scientists across the planet conclude th same thing when I recognize the facts that prove them all wrong then it will be my pleasure with facts backing my claims on the foundation of the issue as my authority to intellectually slaughter them all. (Look for my youtube video on physicists being liars)

Other than that, he does have a couple of good points.


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David Jeffrey Spetch
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