MP Michelle Rempel: "Oil is dead" There Is No Debate, There Is What Fact Proves

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Feb 13, 2019
From there as I have been sharing for almost decades, there is ignorance towards fact or recognition of fact.

Truth is the garbage that crumbles when pit vs. fact every single time. beliefs and theories are either verified or falsified by fact. Facts are not argued, again they are either recognized or ignored.

Our problem in modern day is deliberate ignorance, selling ut to a sick and pathetic narrative based upon factually proven foundations of sick and filthy lies and deceptions to serve the greed and selfishness of those I find obvious who seek to conquer and divide Canada along with several other countries simultaneously in modern day while keeping our resources from being distributed so those resources remain in the ground for when these low life scum bags plan to take us over, take it for themselves while they enslave some of the what few remainers survive, of the, by then, long term starving economy.

As for those of you who cling to lies fabricated as truth and belief, you are much of the heart of the problem and the globalist crime organizations best, dumbest, most gullible friend and most effortless tool being used to assist them to continue to divide and conquer with a slew of lies and deceptions.

Facts are what matter which is why liars deliberately ignore facts while instead desperately scrambling to try and make their every transparent lie and deception the issue.

The problem has much to do with appointed, elected and designated officials along with selfish interest groups, main stream media, as well the globalist crime organization because they all follow religious example of deliberately ignore fact, make up lies, call those lies their belief while trying to force such rubbish on anyone / everyone else. Lies lead to war and divide.

When you support religious garbage (any and every religion) and someone else ignores fact, makes up lies, call those lies their belief, what ground do you have to stand upon when it suddenly comes to recognition of fact when you so eagerly ignore fact yourself when it seems convenient and proof of this fact is that you are religious to begin with and such people you criticize are following your example? All of these groups are sick and they use each other as excuse to get away with it while also criticizing one another. It's sick, pathetic, redundant and self defeating.

If the age of recognition of fact doesn't come soon, the age of this insanity manifestation of lies and deceptions will continue to more and more easily divide and conquer.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada