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Oct 23, 2019
The struggle of donkeys with elephants is now the most important topic in the information field
So, we already know that Donald Trump relatively recently called “lynching" the impeachment that Democrats in Congress are trying to initiate. Prior to that, the US President called the investigation of his opponents, launched in the House of Representatives, “a witch hunt”.
Speaking to his supporters in Florida, Donald Trump said the Democrat-sponsored impeachment investigation would only help him win the 2020 election. And some congressmen are Democrats, who, for impeachment, express their fears that it is quite possible only to help unite the electorate of the current American leader.
Democrats control the House of Representatives, which allows Trump to impeach the House, but in the Senate, two-thirds of the vote will be required to remove the President, and the Republican majority does not intend to impeach. Democrats expect to vote on impeachment in the House of Representatives before the end of the year.

Recall that the Democrats began the process of impeachment against Trump, suspecting that he had delayed financial and military assistance to Ukraine, demanding that in exchange, Kiev begin an investigation against former US Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Democrats suspect presidential lawyer Rudolfo Giuliani that during his visit to Ukraine, he discussed exactly this topic with Vladimir Zelensky. (on the topic -
“No, I did not give him such instructions,” said the American leader in an interview with radio host Bill O'Reilly, posted on his website. Trump also emphasized that he considers Giuliani a crime fighter. When asked what Giuliani was doing in Ukraine, the US President replied: “You should ask Rudi about this.” “Rudy has clients other than me,” added Donald Trump.

But the People’s Deputy of the Rada of Ukraine Andriy Derkach published some materials that testify to Joe Biden’s corruption. And it turns out that, according to these materials, the Ukrainian gas company Burisma paid him $ 900 thousand for lobbying and $ 16.5 million to representatives of the company, among which Hunter Biden was mentioned (more on the topic - / ukraine-fears-burisma-probe-trump-hunter-biden-fallout /).
In turn, Rudolfo Giuliani wrote on his Twitter page that he has documents related to the crimes of the Biden family. On November 27, it became known that Congress invited the American leader to the first impeachment hearing scheduled for December 4.

And before that, anything can happen. And it is quite possible that some other documents will be made public that will present Joe Biden and his son in a very unsightly light.