New nuclear crisis?

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Jul 24, 2019
After withdrawing from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty the United States has taken on the development and production of cruise and ballistic missiles with a vengeance, thereby causing great concern among the world community. And some even see the threat of a nuclear crisis due to a new American missile.
So, for example, believes Charles Freeman, former US Assistant Secretary of State for International Security. According to him, «the deployment of such missiles aimed at Russia and China, calls on these countries to deploy similar missiles that will be aimed at the United States and the result could be a reconstruction of the Cuban Missile Crisis». It is also important to note that the Americans are now planning to deploy missiles in the territories of the allies in Europe and Asia.

Experts note the urgent need for a new international agreement that could limit the proliferation of such medium-range nuclear weapons delivery systems. Otherwise, the United States, as in 1962, will declare a forceful solution to the problem, which is quite predictable.

After all, it is known that Donald Trump`s presidency is not considered a calm time because of his impulsiveness and desire to suppress the enemy, his manner of correcting his own mistakes by attacking his opponent, and his unwillingness to listen to anyone other than those whom he himself has put on the post. Accordingly, in the White House and the State Department there were virtually no good specialists, especially Russia and China specialists.

Also, it is worth noting that, according to surveys, most Americans believe that the head of state is a racist, xenophobe, and they even gave him the «American psychopath» nickname. If his aggression has not yet gone beyond Twitter and did not provoke a real military conflict, now, the probability of its occurrence is as high as possible.

The UN Security Council also did not remain indifferent to world security and stability, therefore, on August 22, it will hold an urgent meeting on the issue of US missile development that goes beyond the terms of the INT Treaty. However, will Washington consider it necessary to heed the many calls to stop or reduce activities that pose a real threat to the world?

But it’s only obvious that, acting contrary to everybody and being driven only by its own interests, the United States crossed out the long-term efforts of the world community aimed at reducing the likelihood of a military conflict, including a nuclear one.