Non white racist criminal scum getting away with violence and murder

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Feb 13, 2019
The sick mockery we have instead of justice!

The Frank Five #5 - The Declining Rule Of Law In Canada (5 & 1/2 minute video and pretty much spot on, well done Frank)


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David Jeffrey Spetch
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Hamilton Ontario Canada
Oct 27, 2020
Here is another article illustrating how disgracefully LIE-beral legal so called justice is FAILING US!! With some comments of my own in brackets):

JUNK JUSTICE: Sicko who advertised girl, 7, for sex moved to healing lodge

By Brad Hunter

Published: October 3, 2019. Updated: October 3, 2019 9:16 PM EDT. Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ News/ Toronto & GTA

The little girl is forever broken.

She was just 7 years old when any vestige of an innocent childhood was obliterated by a monster. And the man who orchestrated her sickening defilement?

On Wednesday, her stepfather was transferred from Warkworth Penitentiary to the Waseskun Healing Lodge in Quebec.

He pleaded guilty to sexual interference, making child pornography and possession of child pornography for the abuse that occurred between June 2015 to April 2016.

(So the guy spent 3 years in serious jail time - before being moved to the Healing Lodge Playland!! LIE-berals have FORGOTTEN the public revulsion that was displayed when the two killers of 8 year old Tory Stafford wanted to get into Healing Lodges - without the bother of even PROVING they had any native blood!)

(The UGLY FACT IS these Healing Lodges are LIE-beral JOKE - that allows criminals to slip past real justice!! Even worse - those who complete a term in a Healing Lodge are often offered early release- meaning getting out even earlier than is normal for our hug a thug legal system!)

(This is the THIRD TIME in two years that LIE-berals have been caught out offering CONVICTED CHILD RAPISTS the Healing Lodge EXCUSE!! Once might be an accident or mistake -but three times is a DELIBERATE POLICY - and a MAJOR LIE-beral INSULT to the public!)

“These are the most horrific crimes you can imagine,” the little girl’s aunt told The Toronto Sun. “You just don’t cure pedophilia.”

The little girl — who can’s be identified — was sexually abused by her 37-year-old stepfather while her mother apparently turned a blind eye.

A beautiful day in the neighbourhood as Waseskun Healing Centre where a Hamilton child molester is now living. CORRECTIONS CANADA

Her stepfather advertised the Hamilton girl for sex on Craigslist and like flies to feces, a pack of pedophiles got in line for their turn.

He can’t be identified even though the victim’s family wants his name plastered everywhere.

On Tuesday, her aunt received a letter from the Correctional Service of Canada informing her that her niece’s abuser was getting upgraded to first-class.

The man was sentenced to 13.5 years in prison in 2018 and had two years worth of chalk marks on the wall for time served.

CSC gave the family one day’s notice.

“They were pretty vague when I asked why. I got the usual, assessed by a parole officer and he was deemed eligible to go to the healing lodge,” the aunt told The Sun.

(No wonder there is no explanation! LIE-berals DO NOT want to talk about the gravy they save for themselves by their catch and release CRAP! Nor do they want to discuss THE POSSIBILITY they might be so GREEDY for BOUGHT VOTES that they are even courting child molesters and other criminals! After all - in the good old days before Pierre Trudeau - CONVICTED criminals were NOT ALLOWED to vote from a jail cell! ONLY AFTER they were released could they again influence our elections - but that was then and this is now - and JAILED CRIMINALS get to vote for LIE-berals and their hug a thug judges!)

“I was shocked. We’ve lived with this for three years. I thought it wouldn’t be a worry again for another few years but here we are.”

Prostitute Sonja Lucas sobbed at her child sex abuse hearing in Hamilton that she was not “a monster”. She has applied for day parole. FACEBOOK

(Oh the poor thing - but we should SAVE our pity for the VICTIMS!)

“Corrections Canada is there for the inmates. They are definitely not there for the victims,” she added.

(Corrections Canada is dominated by LIE-beral friendly civil service union HOGS - the convenience of HOGS takes precedence over public safety - hence the kid gloves handling of vicious criminals! The LOONS are running the asylum!)

The aunt said Kitchener hooker Sonya Lucas is also angling for day parole.

Prostitute Lucas came with a john named Rui Dasilva to take part in the sexual abuse. She got 10 years in prison and had already been jailed for having sex with her teenage sons.

One of the boys called her “a monster” during her sentencing hearing.

“She’ll probably get it (day parole) and will be roaming around Hamilton in no time, living in a halfway house,” the aunt said.

(And LIE-berals WONDER why we are so RELUCTANT to give them more gravy for welfare payments and “affordable housing”? LOOK who they spend it on!)

A buddy of the sicko stepfather, who also sexually abused the little girl and cried during his sentencing, was recently transferred to a minimum security prison.

Another abuser got out of jail in January.

(Anybody who can get aroused by the idea of sex with a child is clearly mentally ill!! And if they cannot control their impulses then they NEED TO BE permanently LOCKED UP to protect our kids!)

Corrections Canada told The Toronto Sun they couldn’t speak to specific cases but Section 81 outlines criteria for transfer to a healing lodge.

Offenders must be classified as minimum security or, on a case-by-case basis, medium security and be willing to continue their “healing journey.”

(Uh huh- its LIE-beral self serving Gravy Grabbing LIE-beral excuses at work!)

Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale’s office is demanding answers.

“The abuse of a child is odious and utterly reprehensible, and we can only imagine the pain of the victim and her family,” his office said Thursday.

“Minister Goodale welcomes CSC’s review of this case and has asked the Commissioner to examine whether all relevant policies were properly followed and whether those policies are the right ones for inmate management and public safety.”

(Uh huh!! Goodale is a TRUE LIE-beral who postures very well as he straddles the political FENCE!! Cdns should recall how OUTRAGED LIE-berals were when the woman who lured Tory Stafford to her doom - was moved to a Healing Lodge!! Clearly Goodale has learned to play DUMB and seek “investigation” - WHILE REFUSING to change laws or policies that PERMIT this kind of travesty and public insult and abuse!)

The stepfather and ringmaster of this nauseating circus is eligible for day parole on Nov. 20.

Eligibility for the healing centre appears subjective.

(In this case - “subjective” means LIE-berals will let vicious criminals LOOSE just as soon as the fuss dies away and the public looks away!)

Advocacy group the Canadian Centre for Victims of Crime have also registered their displeasure with the transfer on behalf of the family.

CCVC called the move “horribly re-victimizing” for the little girl — now 11 — and the rest of her family.

“Our organization is confused how it is even possible for this offender, who was in a medium-security institution to be transferred to a healing lodge with low security,” CCVC wrote in a letter to CSC Commissioner Anne Kelly asking for her intervention.

As for the victim, her “healing journey” will likely take a lifetime.

“She’s getting better but her issues will be with her a very long time, she’s in therapy,” the girl’s aunt said, adding her father “can’t even talk about it.”

She added: “The only thing you can do is stand up and fight… or just let it slide. But I’m not going to let this go until he’s back in prison where he belongs.”

(There is NOTHING to salvage or rehabilitate here!! The convicted perverts are mentally damaged and clearly CAN NEVER be trusted to run free and safely in society!! Best to keep them discreetly locked away so they can no longer cause PAIN!)