Police Release Sketch Hamilton Ontario, Man Assaulted Woman On Bruce Trail

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Feb 13, 2019
The police just released a sketch of a man alleged to have assaulted a woman on the Bruce Trail in Hamilton Ontario near the Dundurn stairs. Near the end of this brief video a woman says she is going to get a knife, open it up and leave it in her pocket.

Isn't a knife in someone's pocket considered a concealed weapon? Just flew over CHCH's heads ... Excellent idea to protect one's self from attackers however, carrying a concealed weapon last I heard can get you into allot of trouble especially if you wind up using it to defend yourself so get an exterior visible leather case to carry such things as a knife because just seeing you have a knife might also be enough to detour an attack to begin with.

Use those heads people

(the link takes you to a brief CHCH TV news video)



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