Quarantine system is BROKEN!

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Oct 27, 2020
Here is an article that exposes the utter nonsense Our idiot Boy Justin has been feeding us about his claimed efforts to control Wuhan Virus! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Ford accuses Ottawa of failing to enforce quarantine orders in Ontario

From Mia Rabson. The Cdn Press. Published Sept 10, 2020

OTTAWA — Ontario Premier Doug Ford says the quarantine system is "broken" because federal health officers are not charging people ignoring self-isolation orders for COVID-19.

Since the end of March, an emergency order under the federal Quarantine Act has required most people arriving from outside Canada to isolate themselves for 14 days, even if they don't have symptoms.

While more than 2.5 million border-crossings have been recorded since then, only a fraction of those travellers are ordered to quarantine, while the rest are exempt as essential workers, such as truck drivers, front-line health staff or airline crew.

(Actually since the border was ALLEGEDLY CLOSED by LIE-beral order - something over one million people PER MONTH have been showing up here - the claimed 2.5 million number of travellers is WAY OUT OF DATE! Naturally LIE-berals ASK these people to self quarantine - but of course NOBODY CHECKS to see if the orders are being obeyed!)

(EVEN WORSE - travellers DO NOT have to go into quarantine until AFTER they actually reach their final destination! What that means is that when somebody lands in Toronto - and goes through Customs - they are asked questions about their health and etc - and as earlier articles have indicated - some people answer truthfully that they have no symptoms - but as we KNOW - people can be infectious WITHOUT showing symptoms! And as previously noted - some people actually LIE about their symptoms in order to make entry to Canada easier!)

(The kicker to all this is once somebody either lies or offers mistaken information about their condition - they are then FREE TO GO and get onto local connecting flights to whatever Cdn city is their final destination! And NOBODY is checking who is obeying quarantine orders on these local flights!)

(In related NONSENSE, Passport Canada Covidiots are reminding people to get their passports soon so they can go South as Snowbirds! Closed borders here? Not in LIE-beral and civil service union HOG lands!)

(In related news - now that Biden has apparently won the election - should he not be telling us how he plans to fight it? Oh right just another LIE-beral stretch goal!)

Those essential workers must not work with anyone over the age of 65 for at least two weeks, and must wear masks if they can't physically distance from others.

(And should not essential workers be wearing masks ANYWAY?)

(As mentioned in past articles - there is good reason to suspect that “essential workers” are not following quarantine rules! One has to think of long haul truckers as people who should NOT be crossing the borders - they should be dropping off disinfected trailers at the border to be picked up by other LOCAL drivers! Or the Toronto area teacher who was arrested for failing to wear her mask around the kids she was teaching!)

If someone breaches a quarantine order, federal quarantine officers can lay charges with penalties of up to six months in jail and fines of up to $750,000, while police can issue tickets of up to $1,000.

(As we have seen - some Cdns think it is govt BULLYING to lay charges on Covidiots who break the rules! As always - LIE-berals go hardest on the most compliant and go lightly on defiant imbeciles!)

Between March 25 and Sept. 3, police have been asked to check on the whereabouts of 87,338 people ordered to quarantine. Data provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada lists zero arrests for ignoring a quarantine order, one summons to appear in court, and 42 police-issued tickets.

(So basically our cops who happen to be swamped with gang banger shootings are checking quarantine orders some time or other - long after crime scenes are vetted and the blood mopped up - quarantine checking is LOW PRIORITY!)

The RCMP separately said that in addition to tickets, its officers had charged two people under the Quarantine Act for not remaining in quarantine for the required 14 days. The RCMP did not say in which province the offences took place or the status of those charges.

However, Ford says Ontario police checks have uncovered 622 quarantine-order scofflaws and is frustrated about the lack of penalties.

(So that is 622 Covidiots in Ontari-owe alone! How many in other provinces?)

"The system is broken," he said Thursday.

"You can't have people going out there breaking the federal Quarantine Act and not being held accountable. It's not like they're going to be thrown in jail or something but they should get a fine. You can't just say a slap on the wrist, 'OK guys don't worry about it because if you do it again we'll slap you on the wrist again.' It doesn't make sense."

(By LIE-beral standards those slaps on the wrist make perfect sense! It is exactly the same approach they use for dealing with gang bangers! “Catch and Release” is the CLASSIC LIE-beral way for all offenses!)

Ford said he planned to raise the matter with the federal government during a conference call between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and premiers Thursday.

"We'll get it fixed," he said, expressing faith in Ottawa to help.

(NOPE! That aint likely! Our idiot Boy Justin IGNORED the Ford govt complaint for EIGHT WEEKS - then as Wuhan numbers began rising the IDIOT BOY - in an ESPECIALLY SLIMY, SLIPPERY, HYPOCRITE WAY - BEGGED provincial leaders to do all they could to control the numbers! As if all those Pestilence carrying travellers were entering by PROVINCIAL PERMISSION!)

A spokesman for Ontario Solicitor General Sylvia Jones said police have to answer for why they aren't issuing more tickets.

A statement issued by federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu's office did not directly address the lack of charges being laid.

"The rules are clear: those who contravene the mandatory requirements may be subject to a range of enforcement measures, from verbal and written warnings, to fines and arrest," the statement said. "We will continue to work with the government of Ontario to protect Canadians."

(KEY WORDS - “MAY BE SUBJECT” to some sort of punishment - but ONLY if LIE-berals get SHAMED into taking action!)

The Ontario Provincial Police have at times publicized the tickets issued, including two people ticketed near Fort Frances, Ont., in July after crossing into Canada from Minnesota and stopping at stores after being told to go straight to their property and stay there for two weeks. Two other seniors were ticketed by the OPP in North Bay, Ont. on July 9, after arriving from Florida to go to their summer cottage and failing to quarantine for two weeks.

The Public Health Agency of Canada did not provide information about the one summons to appear in court.

(No wonder! LIE-berals LOVE those privacy laws that prevent us from seeing how BAD LIE-beral law enforcement really is!)

The compliance system is in the hands of multiple agencies. Canada Border Services Agency officers issue the quarantine orders when people arrive at the border, and in that process identify to the federal public health agency the people they believe to be at highest risk of ignoring the orders.

(Multiple agencies equals multiple BUCK PASSING - and lots of LIE-beral excuses and chances to blame others! Health officials have pretty much given up contact tracing as the numbers snowballed into something huge and thus useless!)

Health officers will use phone calls or emails to check in with those people. If health officers are concerned someone is ignoring an order, they will ask the RCMP to physically verify the compliance, and the RCMP will either do the check or pass it on to a local police agency.

(And as noted - cops are too busy with gangsters and drug over doses etc!)

A statement from the RCMP in April said officers "will use a risk-based, measured approach to non-compliance, focusing on education and encouragement" and that arrests would be a measure of last resort.

Canada's quarantine order is less strict than some other countries. Iceland, for example, requires a pre-arrival declaration of no symptoms, and either a COVID-19 test upon arrival or a two-week quarantine. Australia quarantines all arriving passengers for two weeks at government facilities.

(And yet in recent weeks - Our idiot Boy has ACTUALLY RELAXED Cdn quarantine and test rules to make it easier for families to “reunite” - which seems to have made it easier for Covidiots to spread the Pestilence at family gatherings such as weddings and funerals as our news media has noted!)

(Ford is right to grumble over federal LIE-beral lethargy regarding disease control efforts and Our idiot Boy Justin INSULTS US ALL by urging the provinces to DO MORE even as Ottawa carelessly sabotages provincial efforts!)