Rational Canadian Citizens Know It's Wise To Close The Border To Immigration For A Few Years

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Feb 13, 2019
Who cares if lying sacks of garbage call you racist, hater, xenophobe etc. because it's not them lying about you to keep your border open so the globalist crime organization can use illegal invasion to impoverish country after country while forcing oppression, slavery, war and divide with a slew of lies and deceptions while also coming up with scams such as carbon tax to prevent citizens of countries access to their own resources so that the globalist crime organization can have it all to themselves as they cripple country after country with their illegal invasion backed by a slew of lies and deceptions that takes precedence.

What is important and easily takes precedence right now is shutting down our border for a few years to all illegal invasion and any form of immigration period and sorting out the mess that this tyrannical government forced upon us so we can eliminate all threats to the well being and safety of Canadians citizens that is of the utmost importance right now. Those of the current Canadian tyrannical government justly will have all of their possessions, wealth and resources confiscated so they live among the impoverished since they so eagerly wish such on Canadian citizens and of course this can be done while they serve lengthy terms in prison for this tyranny and treason against the citizens of Canada.

Lobbyist / globalist crime organization is not a democracy, it's tyranny and treason against the citizens of Canada and all parties accept such bribes etc. which is why there is no real accountability, just talks of such or demands in the house of such but no one really being held accountable with any real form prosecution and accountability. Political parties are assisting with the infiltration and sabotage of our democracy Canada while illegal invaders are baited with false hopes of a future as they impoverish and cripple countries that the globalist crime organization invites them to invade. Leave one crippled country with false hopes to move to another country only the mass influx cripples the next country thus leaves a bleak future for several countries and all because billionaires and trillionaires want it all for themselves and will tell you every lie and deception so we are left to starve and kill each other off while they lie in wait to take it all for themselves.

The globalist crime organization, the UN, the EU are all infiltrated garbage along with elected and appointed tyrants and traitors of many countries are the low life scum bags behind this, selling out citizens and entire countries to the largest crime organization that ever diseased the planet. They can take their insanity manifestations of lies and deceptions behind bars where these sickos belong and their wealth and resources distributed across the globe would be justice on the largest scale. Make these low life scum bags pay for this.

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Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada