Russia is building up its influence in the international area.

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Jul 10, 2019
The attitude of the whole world towards Russia has always been ambiguous. In the West, we can see the manifestation of Russophobia even in the government, which is unacceptable. In European and American mass media, Russia is often portrayed as an aggressor. This topic is of special interest. It is influenced by sanctions and various positions of the EU and the USA on a number of important international issues. But is it really so?
Despite provocations and negative campaigning, the Kremlin proved its desire to maintain friendly diplomatic relations with Western countries. The readiness to provide security and support to civilians in hot spots was demonstrated in the fight against terrorist organizations in Syria.
Despite anti-Russian propaganda, the results of Russia's efforts have not gone unnoticed. Signing Memorandum of Understanding with Turkey, new trade agreements with the UAE, Russia-Africa Summit with 54 participating countries - all this indicate the possibility of reviving the power of Russia, which existed back in the USSR times. While some countries only demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the actions of the governments of the countries of Africa and the Middle East, and also frighten with sanctions - Russia is building up its influence there.