Sad To See MP Pierre Poilievre Doesn't Care That Religious Lies Lead To War And Divide

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Feb 13, 2019
Pierre Poilievre ignores that religion leads to war and divide yet goes on about christians facing the repercussions of war and divide over filthy religious lies. If you are thinking even for a second it wasn't over filthy religious lies then ask yourself then why is it specifically the religious being targeted, it's because religious lies lead to war and divide as thousands of years already proves.

Pierre Poilievre obviously wants everyone to just ignore that factually proven foundations of filthy religious lies lead to war and divide while whining for sympathy for those who support lies which have already lead to thousands of years of war and divide like whining for sympathy or calling prosecution of the religious a hate crime (as the religious desperately attempt time and time again) doesn't change the fact that thousands of years already proves that filthy religious lies lead to war and divide thus it's the religious who support the larges hate crime against humanity. So Pierre is in on this globalist crime organizations agenda is what this looks like thus here Pierre is trying to keep the sheep from eye shot of the slaughterhouse with his freedom of religious garbage spew. Being groomed much lately Pierre is what I am wondering ...

Freedom of speech is essential to free society but propagating`factually proven foundations of lies leads to war and divide therefore needs to be criminalized for the well being and safety of current and future generations quite obviously.

Pierre Poilievre says Canada must stand with prosecuted christians and no Canada does not. The religious need to start valuing human life more than they value factually proven foundations of filthy religious lies to put an end to thousands of years of war and divide leading to the death of millions if not billions of people to this very day over factually proven foundations of filthy religious lies.

Here these christians are blubbering and whining prosecution etc. while other countries being set up for the same prosecution are for example putting everyone in Canada's lives at risk over their sick and filthy freedom of religion thus is the religious here in Canada, fully aware of prosecutions etc. going on around the world yet don't care of Canadian's safety because like other countries now suffering prosecution etc. where those people not long ago were also stupid enough to welcome it with their freedom of filthy religious garbage as well are now being slaughtered like the religious of Canada obviously wish upon Canadians because the religious are the selfish, greedy and ignorant people who value factually proven foundations of filthy religious lies more than they value human life hence what it means to be religious.

I urge all of you to watch this video, this explains most everything to clarity among the largest of scales. I challenge any of you to contest the factual evidence proving that the foundation of every religion is based upon lies which you can also find within this video. I'm not kidding around, lives are at stake here and why should everyone's life be subjected to danger because a couple of groups of liars don't care that they invite that danger with their so called freedom of religious garbage?!! Sickening.

This is me in this video fighting for all of you, you too Pierre, wake up!

And another thing, why do the religious still have a monopoly over food banks while also monopolizing December to force their offensive religious garbage on people in need of food and funded by tax payers?!! This is sickening. Oh and wrapping things up that are normally given to those frequenting a food bank and calling it a gift in December so you can try and force your religious garbage on them is pretty low.

And they want your sympathy so they can get you killed too thanks to their following of lies and their so called freedom of filthy religious Garbage.

I just watched a newly released Pierre Poilievre video on youtube titled "Canada must stand with persecuted Christians around the world" and does such disgusting displays of deliberate ignorance the religious always exemplify ever tick me right off.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada