Section 13, now think "M-103, Bill C-16, Ontario Bill 89,"

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Feb 13, 2019
This is what we need to get rid of quick Canada "M-103, Bill C-16, On. Bill 89," and here we have our officials working towards criminalizing the general population of Canadians to suit a very sick agenda based upon factually exposed lies and deceptions along with the precise same thing going on in other countries reveals treason / tyranny against the citizens of Canada because it shows loyalty is not to democracy thus is public servants betraying Canadian citizens.

I've been warning you all for years that they will be trying to make criminals out of Canadians because this is what they try and hide from you, in our obviously sick and twisted main stream media, that officials are making criminals out of citizens with such shady methods has already been going on in several other countries in modern years and well here we are once again. Look at France, look at the UK, look a Sweden, look at Germany. Freedom of religious garbage places all of our lives in danger, but the religious don't care because they value a factually proven foundation of lies more than they value human life hence what it means to be religious as they go on and on about freedom of religion even though that has been getting them slaughtered around the world in recent times. I mean how ignorant can you get? Oh who cares if Canada is being enslaved and soon likely the slaughter to escalate because the religious don't care because lies are far more important to them quite obviously until everyone is dead or enslaved ...?!

Look who's looking at taking citizens guns away while how many illegal firearms have crossed over our border into Canada as we are also flooded with invaders who are being baited to illegally flood countries to find out they are being used to kill the economy etc. Oh lots of illegal guns around but citizens are being made out to be criminals. Look who has made it so people who drive home from work and have a beer can be charged like a criminal because they won't agree to cut the neighbors lawn for free so the neighbor calls the cops claiming you drove home funny because they know you will have a beer when you get home.

We need to criminalize propagating factually proven foundations of lies and we do this before the liberals try and remove the definition of the word fact and replace the valid definition with more of their sickly lies as was done recently with the word gender for their sick plan of using that to force lies through legislation dictating that doctors and scientists have to lie for them then turning around and calling those factually exposed lies scientific evidence to make criminals out of Canadians for not lying for an extremely offensive compulsive obsessive lying deceiving selfish interest group. They are doing this so homosexuals for example can pretend to be the opposite sex so they can go around like a sick bigot and traumatize, humiliate, degrade heterosexuals while robbing heterosexuals of our right to be heterosexual with their sick, filthy disgusting LGBT lies and deceptions. Being heterosexual does't include having sex with anyone born with the same sex genital that the heterosexual them self is born with. I do not hate anyone or anything but that doesn't mean that some peoples actions do not disgust me, that doesn't mean that their ignorance doesn't infuriate me, and that most definitely does not mean I am going to lie for some sick and offensive selfish interest group of factually exposed liars. Like they did with the term family violence for not lying for a sickly selfish interest group. That's what they do, remove a valid definition, replace it with their lies then act as if this is justification for trying to force citizens to even stoop to lying for them in attempt to try and drag everyone else to such an obviously sick level as to try and make your citizens lie because you are a factually exposed liar who is deliberately ignoring fact. That is sick and inexcusable.

Remember I have been in contact with tens of thousands of elected appointed and designated officials of almost 200 countries on several occasions over the course of a half of a decade in recent years sharing facts exposing lies on the foundations of primary issues I address. My eyes have been open and see may things the general population is being hidden from.

LGBT trans garbage tactic, they seem to think that putting manure on someone's plate every day will encourage people to like eating the manure and these are those that appear to be desperate for Section 13 re enactment to silence you from opposing having manure forced on your plate as they force this manure on the plates of your children too. Criminalizing propagating factually proven foundations of lies will end thousands of years of war and divide over sick and filthy foundations of factually proven religious lies and easily remove primarily leftist and globalist lies and sabotage in our system from decades of it's shady history.

The way I see they intend for this to go, it will be heading for along the lines of forcing more garbage through legislation to charge a Canadian for not wiping his rear with his left hand 20 years prior to them forcing such garbage through legislation. Your grandparents will go to jail until they die for choosing not to lie for some lying selfish interest group, while others are taught to attack your children and even kill them for not following their factually proven foundation of religious lies and the media forced to ignore it as they have already implemented such in several countries in modern day which reveals those of our elected and appointed officials who loyalties are towards the globalist crime organizations agenda instead of the citizens of Canada.

It's our officials who belong in prison, not the citizens of Canada for the treason and tyranny going on within our political system.

Liberals can't contest what the facts I share prove on the foundations of primary issues I address which reveal them for the compulsive obsessive liars and deceivers they prove to be (the religious as well), so they have been working away at ways hiding me from the public for years (I'd say 15 years of me being discriminated and slandered on mass scales) by making up policy with slanderous word games used to ban people online as justification much like the beginnings of their tactic of removing genuine definitions of words and replacing those definitions with lies and deceptions and acting as if forcing lies through legislation is their justification. These are just sick and filthy lies and deceptions forced through legislation and used to base so called policy etc. They need to be removed, not enforced by tyrants and traitors trying to criminalize citizens for not lying for them.

The leftist mentality, if you have no validity, just change the definition of hate speech as anyone who exposes that you have no validity, that all you have are lies and deceptions like taking the definitions of words and terms and force lies and deceptions through legislation instead of even genuinely address the facts on the foundation of a primary issue that reveals lies and deceptions. Just ignore facts exposing your lies and slander anyone with lies who stands in your way to try and hide that you have no validity while making your slander of everyone else the issue. Thus how they force lies through legislation and onto the public.

They do it because they lie compulsively and obsessively and they want to be able to throw you in prison so they can lie more freely with everyone speaking against them in prison where citizens get stoned to death one by one while the media hides it as much as possible...?! Remember the more that invade all of these countries currently being infiltrated, the less effort they will have to spend to hide it if they succeed.

What are invaders being told I wonder, could it be take the illegal guns and when we say, just go ahead and take who'sever house you want because it appears they want citizens without arms while knowing illegal guns have been getting smuggled into Canada.

The nerve of these tyrants and traitors deliberately placing Canadians lives under threat of invasion while killing our economy, threatening people to lose their jobs for not lying for a group of extremely offensive sickos, crippling our oil industry while throwing billions to other countries as Canadians are becoming impoverished. But they, like I have shared, as this goes on they try and spin that how nice people talk to them is what is important and to that I say go screw yourself. Prioritize facts on the foundations of especially primary issue over lies while treating Canadians with respect if you ever wanted or deserved to be respected otherwise you asked to be spoken too for the fury you inspire with your offensive sickly lies, deceptions, ignorance, stealing from our future etc. Criminalize lobbying and colluding with the globalist crime organization.

continued ...
Feb 13, 2019
Don't ban meat, ban the UN and EU. Since climate changing will always occur whether humans are around or not, there will never be an end to climate change but these globalists are obviously too stupid to realize this so I think it's long since past time they get dethroned. They are a bunch of phonies forcing lies and deceptions upon several countries in modern day to try and force us into their globalist war games so they can have it all.

It was the catholics in Canada that forced First Nations in abusive religious schools which is quite obviously not the Canadian citizen population for starters, let alone First Nations killing each other (according to RCMP as I recall 70 percent of First Nations women are killed by First Nations) is not Canada or Canadians committing genocide you bunch of stupid and ignorant idiots.

Section 13, M-103, Bill C-16, On. Bill 89, is sick garbage that needs to go and lies edited out along with tyrants and traitors who have been eagerly willing to throw Canadians under the bus by supporting such sickening bias garbage.

More supportive information included after the link (last heard the New Zealand shooter was a leftist / globalist thug and since it doesn't suit their narrative to silence the public to force oppression on Canadian citizens they remove it from record? How can you trust these people who are suppose to serve us citizens, not the globalist crime organization?!)

There is no such thing as an islamaphobe, islamaphobe is a lie used by intellectual cowards who have not even so much as a shred of validity (why they lie) to try and abuse the public like stupid oppressed idiots.

1. Every single muslim on the planet is loyal to islam.

2. Islam deems violent hate crimes against non muslims as acceptable.

3. These violent hate crimes against non muslims escalate everywhere muslim populations begin to rise in modern day.

I never once claimed that all muslims physically commit the violence.

Now look at this Trojan horse "islam" where all muslims play their part

The muslims who do not actually commit the violent hate crimes against non muslims are the horse itself and inside the horse are those who commit the violent hate crimes against non muslims. You got to see it as a whole and how it is being used to understand what is really going on here. Again all muslims are loyal to islam so you think long and hard about that.

Even though this is what happens everywhere around the world where muslim populations begin to rise, traitors like such as elected and appointed officials are ignoring this fact deliberately and instead of having concern for the well being and safety of Canadian citizens, they tell Canadian citizens in their own deceptive way that there is no just cause for concern here as they force the muslim invasion with even open borders while having the nerve to lie to Canadians by telling Canadians you have a phobia, an irrational fear of being slaughtered for not being a muslim even though this is what happens to non muslims everywhere around the world where muslim populations begin to rise in modern day. A rational and genuine concern is not an irrational fear thus is the very factual evidence proving beyond any shadow of doubt that there is no such thing as an islamaphobe anywhere on Earth.

Religion is the scum of the Earth and everyone's enemy. It's time to criminalize the Trojan horse called "freedom of religion" permanently for the well being and sanity of current and future generations thus we can finally start believing in ourselves and one another with such sick and filthy lies out of the way thus no longer dividing us as such sick and filthy foundations of religious lies have already been doing to us for thousands of years, long before islam even got here.

The non contestable factual evidence proving that there is no such thing as a god or what muslims call allah (the very foundation of some religions) is as follows in a nut shell and keep in mind proof that religious claim that the lie allah or the lie god is intelligent is that they are all foolish enough to worship or pray to a factually proven lie thus is them acknowledging they claim that factually proven lie is intelligent to be able to understand prayer or worship. The factual evidence quoted in a nut shell:

"Nothingness is the absence of energy and matter hence there is nothing. Energy and matter are both physical. If someone tells you that there is anything that exists beyond the physical realm, they are lying because the fact remains that without the physical there is nothing. Not anything can go poof into existence out of nothingness, let alone develop an intelligence out of nothing, let alone be able to create with nothing because the fact always remains that it takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter which proves beyond any shadow of doubt that not anything with intelligence could ever be the creator of everything aka no such thing as a god / allah ever existed."

All anyone obviously needs to do to prove what I share is not fact at all is simply share one factual example of anything going poof into existence out of nothingness. We do no even have to get to the develop intelligence out of nothingness part because not anyone will ever share one factual example of anything going poof into existence out of nothingness and I know this because the fact always remains that it takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter.

As long as religion exists there will always be war and divide because that is where the following and spreading of lies leads as thousands of years already proves. Those who encourage religion obviously do not want anything to do with peace, they want to keep the masses dumb and gullible because it assures war and divide.

That same factual evidence proves that the big bang theory as proof of origin is falsified, again look for my 4 minute 9 second video on youtube or bitchute about physicists lying.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada
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Feb 13, 2019
Lindsay Shepherd was at the Justice Committee regarding hate speech and free speech in lieu of section 13 being thrown in our faces as possibly being reinstated. This is what she had to say about it:


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada
Feb 13, 2019
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Oct 27, 2020
Surely NOBODY IS SURPRISED - that LIE-berals are CENSORING any comment made by any political opponent?
This is THE ESSENCE of LIE-beral policy! They believe the best way to avoid losing an argument is to EXPUNGE THAT ARGUMENT - to render it "Invisible" to proper thinking Cdns - meaning LIE-berals!

Here is an article exposing the UGLY BIAS of CBC news media HOGS! With some comments of my own in brackets):

CBC still won't sue Liberals, it`s time they admit their bias

By Brian Lilley . Published: October 20, 2019. Updated: October 20, 2019 6:45 PM EDT
Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ Opinion/ Columnists

So much for CBC being fair and balanced. The state broadcaster often criticized for being too friendly to Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is giving the party a pass once again. It’s the fourth time in a week.

Presented with more examples of the Liberals using CBC material for partisan videos online, CBC’s top spokesman still says they will not launch a lawsuit similar to the one they launched against the Conservatives last week.

“As I said earlier in the week, whenever something is brought to our attention where a candidate is using our content inappropriately, we take steps to have the video taken down. That’s what happened with Melanie Joly and that’s what will happen with Navdeep Bains,” Chuck Thompson said via email.

(The ugly reality is that CBC HAS NO HOPE of winning the law suit it launched against Conservatives for allegedly using 17 seconds worth of CBC news footage of Justin Trudope during the election debates!! Cdn law PERMITS exactly what Conservatives did - due to so called “fair use policy” which EXPLICITLY permits the repeating and reproduction of political comment and discussion so that the public can be fully educated on important national topics!)

(CBC is simply USING OUR TAX MONEY TO HARASS Conservatives and to throw a little mud at them!! It is BLATANT CBC CONFLICT OF INTEREST - in that CBC gets virtually ALL its operating budget from govt - and that LIE-berals ARE ALWAYS MOST GENEROUS WITH HOGS!)

(AS I have said before - ALL HOGS are engaged in a GROSS CONFLICT Of INTEREST by selling their votes to LIE-berals in exchange for gravy!! Not content with this gross conflict - LIE-berals have upped the ante with their six hundred million dollar slush fund- DEDICATED to Cdn news media “they TRUST” - meaning news media that says nice things about LIE-berals!)

(And now we have CBC HOGS IGNORING LIE-berals using CBC news clips in EXACTLY the same way as Conservatives did - to illustrate certain issues from the election debates- BUT NO LAW SUIT for LIE-berals - it is GROSS BIAS and reflects very badly on CBC propaganda meisters!! This grossly selfish bias is a compelling reason to CHOP the CBC HOG BUDGET!)

Liberal cabinet ministers like Bains and Joly were sharing edited CBC clips on the weekend to criticize Andrew Scheer and promote the Liberal Party.

LILLEY: CBC lawsuit against Conservatives looks like move to protect Liberals
CBC won't sue Liberals over partisan ad using their material
KINSELLA: CBC suit against Tories more of a political suicide note than a legal action

The videos were seen by tens of thousands of people. Same with a CBC clip of Peter Mansbridge interviewing Andrew Scheer posted by Catherine McKenna.

As I write, the clips by Bains and McKenna are still up.

This is not good: @CBC filed a copyright lawsuit against @CPC_HQ yesterday, resulting in removal of a campaign video and tweets. The claim even covered using excerpts from the leaders’ debate on their Twitter feed. Details and the claim at #Elxn43
— Michael Geist (@mgeist) October 11, 2019

While CBC considers this an abuse of their material worthy of a lawsuit when Conservatives do the same, with Liberals, all appears to be forgiven.

(And Michael Geist is an Ottawa LAW PROFESSOR who has commented on in the past and CONDEMNED the DELIBERATE CBC MISS-USE of fair policy law to deliberately CENSOR any Conservative view!)

The Bains, Joly and McKenna videos come just days after Nirmala Naidoo, the Liberal candidate in Calgary Skyview, was forced to take down online videos that promoted herself using CBC material.

Naidoo is a former CBC on-air personality and the clips she used were of herself. They were posted and circulated online starting at the beginning of the election campaign and only taken down last week when Conservatives complained of a double standard.

Well what a double standard it is. In a statement from Jennifer McGuire, the head of CBC News explaining why they were suing the Conservatives, McGuire said it was to protect “our journalistic content and brands from unauthorized use in all circumstances.”

(And there is the CBC BIGOTRY in all its shameless insult! Nirmala Naidoo was SACRIFICED by CBC HOGS as she was running in Calgary - and as a LIE-beral she had no hope of getting elected there - thus CBC HYPOCRITES could offer a PRETENSE of even handed treatment by hauling down her stuff while IGNORING MULTIPLE SENIOR LIE-berals such as Climate Barbie McKenna!)

“We do this at all times including during past election campaigns when political parties have threatened the independence of our work and journalists,” McGuire said.

(Yes - CBC Censors have a long history of doing such hypocrite work!)

“This is especially important during an election campaign.” Or at least it is if the Conservatives are ones using CBC material. I’ve been clear, I think CBC’s case in on shaky legal ground.

(CBC is ILLEGALLY ABUSING fair use policy!! CBC DOES NOT WANT an informed public - it wants a COMPLIANT public that will not oppose LIE-beral domination and dictatorship ! Thus CBC is VIOLATING the mandate that created it in the first place- it is SUPPOSED to inform and educate the public - It was NOT created to be the media arm of LIE-beral Socialist Dictators!)

Headline: here is the video that the Liberals deleted!
— Stephen Taylor (@stephen_taylor) October 17, 2019

So do legal experts like University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist and the folks at Elections Canada who claim that what the parties are doing is legal.

(OH- EVEN THE HOGS at Elections Canada concede that CBC is over stepping legal boundaries with such fair use censorship!)

Yet CBC has only launched a lawsuit against one party — the Conservatives. The Conservatives took down the video clips they were using even before CBC launched their lawsuit but the state broadcaster said that they had to go ahead with it, effectively to teach the Conservatives a lesson.

“CBC/Radio Canada was given no assurance that such misuse would not be repeated,” McGuire said. Well the Liberals keep abusing this process and CBC does nothing.

Both parties are guilty of the same crime, or what CBC thinks is a crime, but there is no lawsuit against the Liberals.

(And yet LIE-berals have the INSULTING AUDACITY to whine about Fake News in Cdn media -even as civil service union HOGS sell their votes to LIE-berals for MORE GRAVY!! There were 54,000 jobs created in Canada in September - and 49,000 WERE FOR HOGS employed by LIE-beral GOVT!)

(Buying votes by creating govt jobs is STANDARD PRACTICE in Third World Dictatorships! In Iraq under Sadam Insane - 50 % of the population was employed by govt! )

Meanwhile the Liberals, who did similar things in 2015, once decried Conservatives using clips the last time CBC complained about this. “Taking a clip from a news organization is theft of intellectual property,” said Liberal MP Adam Vaughan in 2014. “It’s stealing,” said Liberal MP Judy Sgro.

(But then Sgro has proven to be BOTH a LIE-beral and a LUNATIC anyway -since she says black people “love Trudope even more” since his brown face event proves he wants to be like them!)

And Liberal MP Dominic Leblanc said that actions such as this were nothing but a rat race and the Liberals wouldn’t act like the Conservatives.

So much for that. And so much for the independence of CBC. The organization has long been accused by Conservatives of being too Liberal friendly, now the actions of their executives are supporting that claim.

Isn’t it time CBC just admitted their bias for the Liberals?

(The recent re-election of Our idiot Boy Justin was a triumph of bribery and greed over common sense!! The ONLY HONEST THING LIE-berals have told us recently is that the 2019 election “would be a dirty one”! Too bad it is LIE-berals and their HOG allies SLINGING the dirt!)

(There have been multiple news reports of voter registration cards being sent out to DEAD PEOPLE! And More voter cards sent out to NON CITIZENS and to NEWLY ARRIVED ILLEGALS! The bitter complaints about “vouching” in which thousands of UN-IDENTIFIED STRANGERS were “vouched for” by Conservative hating HOGS - and then allowed to vote in critical swing ridings are continuing!)

(At every turn - LIE-berals and their allies have sought to POISON our electoral process!! LIE-berals spew their Fake News - while the country slides deeper into BANKRUPT Third World status!)