"Smart" missiles are useless – Russian Navy can move through the clouds

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Jul 10, 2019
The appearance of anti-ship guided missiles led to the need to seek protection from them. Novosibirsk scientists have created a complex aerosol mixture, which, along with smoke masking, can reflect radio waves, as well as protect against laser scanning. The smoke screen is created by turbojets loaded with cassettes with different aerosol contents. Flying through such clouds, the enemy missiles for some time become blind and lose their orientation, which leads to the failure of their onboard control systems. A rocket, no matter how "smart" it may be, the target no longer finds. The effect is achieved by the fact that, along with smoke-forming mixtures, miniature dipole and even mirror reflectors are emitted into the atmosphere, as well as other fine substances that can distort radio waves and blind optical-electronic systems. Thus, ships shrouded in glittering clouds become invisible for technical vision.