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Feb 25, 2019
Prefab Building
Prefab building is commonly named as prefabricated building which is built in an industrialized production mode. In this mode, part or all component or components of building will be manufactured previously then transported to the place where the construction will be built. The construction will be made by prefabricated components through reliable connections. Such construction is named as industrialization house in America or Europe and Japan. What prefabricated building differs from conventional building is that only can some parts be prefabricated before transported, when arriving on construction site, it will go through the process of pouring like the traditional one, not like block building. Therefore, there is no visual difference from traditional one after completion.
1.Based on current non-large scale production estimations, the pace prefab building constructed is 30% faster than that of conventional one.
2.Because prefabricated stair and outer walls need to be lap joint with reinforced concrete instead of being connected when transporting to the construction site. Reinforcing steel bar goes through each floor that makes house structure more strong.
3. In comparison with traditionally built residence house, prefab building has high precise components and been able to improve such common quality problem as crack and leakage in the wall as well as overall safety and security level, anti-fire and durability performances. It adopts light partition wall which can be decorated based on different requirements from clients.
4.During the usage, prefab building features more energy conservation and environmentally friendly, such as new type of heat saving layer has better heat saving effect.
5.Prefab building plays a positive role in conserving energy and protecting environment. Through factory production and assembling on construction site, building waste and sewage can be significantly reduced.Stable manufacturers