"Star wars" or militarization of space

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Jul 24, 2019
36 years ago, US President Ronald Reagan announced a long-term program to develop a large-scale missile defense system with space-based elements that excludes or limits the possible destruction of ground and sea targets from outer space - the Strategic Defense Initiative or also known as Star Wars. In those days it was talked about as a fantasy, but now this theme is acquiring real features.

So, on August 30, 2019, the current president Donald Trump gave the command to militarize space, calling it «the next area of military operations». According to him, the goal of the officially opened Space Command will be «to ensure US dominance in space, which should never be questioned and threatened».

Thus, the US leadership openly advocates the militarization of outer space and strives for hegemony not only in the world, but now also in the vastness of outer space. Experts believe that Washington’s deployment of weapons in space is fraught with catastrophe. After all, it is not a secret to anyone that the presidency of D. Trump so far brings more minuses than pluses and is gradually destabilizing the situation in different regions from the territory of the USA itself to the Asia-Pacific region.

Also, in a number of countries, including Russia, they believe that weapons should never be placed in space, and one cannot disagree with them. The situation on earth is already unstable, and no one absolutely needs a race for space.

So, according to military experts, if it is still possible to resolve the issue of non-deployment of striking and other weapons in space through diplomatic ways, it is better to take this opportunity. But whether President Trump will be prudent is unlikely.