Suddenly A Drunk Driving First Nation Woman's Reputation Is More Important Than Citizen Safety And Equal Treatment?

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Feb 13, 2019
Oh who cares if Canadian's lives are placed in harms way or are killed by a drunk First Nations female driver because what is important to this so called Justice of the Peace in a Canadian so called judicial system is the First Nation woman's reputation which must be based on ignorance and lies. Who cares about Canadian tax payers reputations when you drink and drive because if you get caught that's it, you face the law and are now being discriminated against for paying taxes of which first nations living on reserves do not pay taxes yet expect to have any say on how tax payers money should be spent and further more for those who live tax free on reserves while appearing to think First Nations people deserve to be treated any better than Canadian citizens legally and otherwise. Apparently First Nations are too stupid to even know what genocide is because if they do it proves they are deliberately trying to force lies upon Canadians and the world alike through the globalist crime organizations sick sock puppet known as the no longer credible United Nations who earned the genuine title Dividing Nations.

From the included story

""“Parliament has denied First Nations like the Mississaugas of Scugog Island a say in whether its people ought to be afforded access to curative treatment discharges for alcohol-impaired driving offences,” the judge wrote in his decision.""

Here we have a judge handing a free pass because people from the first nations living on reserves who do not pay taxes for governing services such as curative treatment discharges, so because they get no say in what they do not pay for, here this so called JP is trying to use that as excuse to discriminate against Canadian citizens.

Or how about from the article included

""The judge also referred to the legacy of colonialism and the recent report on missing and murdered indigenous women, to substantiate his decision. ""

Oh, the mentality of this judge is because so called indigenous women are kidnapped is justification to be discriminatory against Canadian citizens (of which Canadian women have been abducted etc. too) and lenient with a drunk first nations female driver.

Colonialism to do with any of this is an outrageous lie because colonialism doesn't even factually apply because colonialism is specifically taking over another country yet when settlers arrived to North America there was no country, just a few tribes fighting and living among themselves. According to first nations a few years back, there were eighteen million of them scattered across North America when settlers arrived (of which they, like the first nations, were technically not immigrants because for one to immigrate, there first has to be a country to immigrate too) which is enough so called aboriginal people to moderately populate an island the size of Cuba scattered loosely across the northern continent and now blubbering for a free ride at tax payers expense at every turn while attempting to use this as some sort of sympathy card.

First Nations wanted not anything to do with Canadian government, they wanted land to chief themselves. So now all of the years later, they expect to keep their reserves, live tax free while constantly blubbering that tax payers (now they want something to do with governing, they want governing services and a say in those services without paying taxes and keeping their reserves while expecting tax payers should have to fund this before they give up their land claims and start paying taxes for governing services) should have to fund them. Then when they do things with the money our tyrants and traitors / officials give them, they go on about their so called accomplishments like they did it all on their own without mentioning the Canadian tax payers funding is what even made many things possible for first nation. Very ungrateful, selfish, greedy, ignorant one sided behavior.

It was catholic religious low life scum bags who abducted, raped and abused first nations children while forcing their sick and filthy religious garbage on them with day schools and residential schools, yet it is the tax payers who got defecated on by having to flip the billions in reparations over the decades instead of religious low life scum bags paying for their sick behavior.

Tax payers are being defecated upon left right and center these days. The religious abuse society, the tax payers are made to flip the bill. First Nations abuse society and tax payers are made to flip the bill. LGBT sickos abuse society compulsively and obsessively with a slew of factually exposed lies and deceptions and instead of shutting such offensive sickly garbage as what the LGBT represents down, tax payers are made to fund such sick inexcusable behavior. Our government afflicts us with illegal invasion against the majority of Canadians will (a few sell outs in parliament and a few sickos in main stream media along with globalist funded radical and severely bias activist groups is by far no where near the majority of Canadians no matter how sickly twisted these liars try to spin their bs.) and tax payers are made to flip the bill. Muslims abuse Canadians with violent hate crimes against non muslims deemed acceptable in islam and the tax payers are made to fund the media to be silent about these violent hate crimes deemed acceptable in islam and happening to Canadian citizens while instead tax payers are all flipping the bill to promote such sick and filthy lies as Canadians are islamaphobes when there quite obviously is no such thing due to the fact that islam is what deems such sick behavior as acceptable, every single muslim on the planet is loyal to islam (all slaves living under threat of death for leaving or speaking against islam) and these violent hate crimes against non muslims escalate everywhere muslim populations begin to rise as media and officials are turning criminal for the globalist crime organization in escalating such sick behavior by using muslims as oblivious eager front line expendables to do the globalist crime organizations dirty work for them under guise of caliphate like dumb ignorant and such obviously easily abused and directed slaves (hence what they are primarily using to enslave and force oppression on several countries in modern day. Well this list can go on and on with such as illegal invaders getting away with violence against citizens while tax payers fund the media to hide this vital information from the public while coming up with ways to try ad make criminals out f citizens for simply being against such sick behavior. Our officials (bunch of intellectual cowards) belong in prison and their assets given back to the public which they so eagerly steal from to appease globalist crime organization and lobbyist scum in assisting with enslaving, killing and oppressing Canadian citizens with a load of rubbish compulsively and obsessively. All these selfish interest groups take and take and take while defecating on citizens with ignorance, lies and deceptions. no wonder Canada is headed to become a crap hole with selfish, greedy and ignorant bottom of the barrel sell out traitors and tyrants at the helm. This sick behavior exemplified by selfish interest groups ad our government must be prevented from continuing to escalate the divides upon Canada and the defecation upon Canadian citizens and don't count on your so called governing officials to do this because an obvious majority of them have already quite obviously sold you out.

So government peons along with ignorant imbeciles such as this so called judge want to give everyone else except Canadian citizens, breaks and a hand up. These officials are obviously working against Canadians, not for Canadians therefor such traitors and tyrants belong behind bars. Aren't you tired of paying sickos for stabbing you and your children in the back at every turn citizens of Canada while deliberately placing us n harms way while robbing citizens of a future which is quite obviously not for the well being and safety of Canadian citizens therefor such traitors and tyrants belong behind bars.

Only sicko tyrants, traitors and sell outs catering to the greedy, selfish and ignorant would ever place Canadian citizens second to anyone. Canadians deserve far better than such garbage currently infiltrating our governing systems while such phonies pose as representatives of Canadian citizens yet prove to be anything else but. Prison for tyrants and traitors and again, don't expect tyrants and traitors to place themselves in prison.

If a law is unconstitutional for one, it is unconstitutional for all obviously except in the eyes of an extreme bigot who doesn't deserve a pay cheque for stabbing citizens of Canada in the back to say the very least.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada