The children of Ontario schools have little or no clue how they are being abused and used

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Feb 13, 2019
I urge that the education system finally share the facts on foundations of primary issues I have addressed with the officials of Canada for years with these children so they can see through the lies forced upon them by liberals for years and then they can do some critical thinking since their education was replaced years ago by the liberals primarily with an insanity manifestation of leftist / globalist lies and deceptions. Liberals obviously couldn't care what Ontarian citizens majority wants because it was more important to them to turn backs on citizens, turn backs on democracy while instead forcing the dictatorship of lobbyist / globalist crime organization for decades. This is what sabotages democracy and leads to even innocent little children as pawns to divide society with lies. Don't these kids understand that cuts need to be made because of liberal thieves robbing our economies with their sick and filthy mental redundancies in an ever accumulating debt we shouldn't even have. Oh I bet children love to pass without doing any effort over McGuinty / Wynne boasting that was an education or promoted success of anything other than replacing the curriculum with a sick joke and filling children's heads with leftists trying to hide the genuine definitions of words such as gender and attempting to replace definitions of words with leftist lies while forcing factually proven foundations of leftist lies through legislation (Ontario bill 89 for example). What the majority wants is what democracy is, instead we get tyranny and treason on all 3 levels of government.

Instead of including a story about Ontario students walking out of school today, (BTW I suspect my google news feed is deliberately being tampered with because I saw two stories yesterday stating the walk out was on the 5th of April 2019 in my google news feed yet today it s announced that it happened today on the 4th ~ sabotage) I will instead share a story called "Failure is not an option" from the Star. A quote from that story "Whatever happened to being allowed to fail?" asks Durham Region music teacher Jeff Pighin, who says he is one of a vanishing breed of teachers who fails several students each year in his Grade 9 music course and hands out exactly the marks he believes students deserve." So basically children can graduate high school with a grade 2 equivalent education and a free pass not to fail pretty much no matter what ...and liberals call such a success based upon so called graduation rates... Basically if a potato had arms and legs it could graduate high school. An insult to our children's education system and I can see how kids could also be fooled into thinking that a free pass is preferred to an actual education.

Because primarily leftists and globalists are not able to contest with even so much as a shred of validity what the facts I share prove on the foundations of primary issues I address which reveal lies and deceptions being forced on the public for years now, they resort to tampering with my feeds on stories many are aware will attract my interest to try and claim I share false information (when look who went as far out of their way to cast falsified information I researched and found) because they are that mentally redundant sick and pathetic but mostly to try and hide that they have not even so much as a shred of validity when it comes to the foundations of many primary issues I address.

A couple of weeks ago I found some information on google search. I copied two paragraphs, completely removed one paragraph because it was irrelevant (I initially copied the wrong one and still can't figure out how that happened), but replaced with the one I intended to copy), cut out the explanatory bs in between (It had descriptive I didn't need) and shared it within my response and floored who I was responding too with it. I came back to find that person lying claiming I just reworded the first paragraph I did include but removed because it was irrelevant, and when I went to go and find what I copied and pasted it was removed from google search just like that. I blew them away with my response in lieu of such with the greatest of ease anyway.

This is what they are pulling to try and drag me down to their sick and pathetic level with their sick and pathetic lies and deceptions. I started to notice information begin to be removed around 2012 and alerted the officials of Canada right away. All these years later, this is how intellectual cowards who have no validity roll. Sickening.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada