The Palestinian woman praising Allah for killing Jews

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Jul 5, 2018
The Babylonians came up with Allah and not Mr. M as claimed. He was 1400 years too late. However, in his book that has been altered over 3 times after his death it still says to listen to the people of the book (Jews and Christians). That Torah/Bible says that a murderer of innocent blood will go to the raging fires of hell and we have now learned that a special region of hell hold all murderers and besides the raging fires and there are 70 pound rates biting and torturing constantly. Muslims who have died and been transported into a vision to make a choice have encountered Jesus on the Throne saying "I'm not your Allah" and they plead for mercy on the grounds of being brainwashed by their family and never being told about Jesus. Those souls were given a second chance on earth instead of being forced down to the gates of hell.