The Update UK Just Got From Canada: UK Update From Canada: The Larger Picture & Mind Blowing Information

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Feb 13, 2019
Mind Blowing: The LGBT Announced Their Support For Pedophilia Approx. 15 Years Ago

This is likely to blow all of your minds Frank Vaughan (in lieu of his included video) and everyone else on the planet because you are about to get a genuine education on an epic scale, but first let's tear into Frank Vaughan's mention about adults having their so called "freedom" in the included video presentation.

This following paragraph might blow your mind, it is a masterpiece but what comes next is where we really get into the mind blowing information.

Where's the freedom to be heterosexual when you have a bunch of bigots pretending to be the opposite sex they are born thus will always be with a slew of sick and filthy procedures and altercations along with lies forced through legislation attempting to dictate anyone else should have to lie for these compulsive obsessive lying deceiving bigots so they can rob us of the right freedom and liberty to be heterosexual like a bunch of stupid guinea pigs with their sick and disgusting lgbt homosexual lies and deceptions?!! You are heterosexual advocating bigotry against the right, freedom and liberty to be heterosexual Frank? Really? Oh you are married so who cares if some sicko defecates on anyone else let alone your child when they grow up eh Frank? Is that it? What they call freedom to do with this specific issue primarily describes the kind of homosexuals (those who have sex with those "born" with the same sex genital that the individual them self is "born" with) who do not want to accept themselves for what they are and seem to think that warrants these sickos the right to rob everyone else of what we are with their sick, filthy and disgusting lgbt lies and deceptions. These pathetically redundant and extremely regressive lgbt head cases have been abusing such things as the main stream media for years in attempt to make it appear that anyone exposing the lgbt for the compulsive obsessive liars deceivers and bigots that the lgbt proves to be on this issue as the one's who the sick and pathetic lgbt tries and pathetically make out to be in any way shape or form deserving of being shamed which is both pretty sick and laughable as in how could anyone possibly be so stupid as to cater such obvious sick, inexcusable, unforgivable lies and deceptions to have forced such rubbish through legislation in the first place?! Oh right, those turning backs on citizens, turning backs on democracy while instead catering to the dictatorship of lobbyists and the globalist crime organization. In short they are forcing lies upon us to divide us while trying to rob us of what we are in hopes we become as stupid and pathetic as they are. I stand with fact specially when it comes to the foundation of a primary issue, not sick and filthy lies. If everyone has the intellect of a rug, how hard would it be to take that country? This is why they are making a mockery of your child's education, replacing useful information on subjects with a bunch of sick and filthy, inexcusable and unforgivable lgbt lies and deceptions and now think about the so called officials on board with making a sick and filthy mockery of your children's so called education and so called future. Infuriated with such sick behavior, you have every right to be and they know this which is why thy try and make criminals out of you for being naturally infuriated with their sick behavior. I find it obviously they want citizens to explode and become violent for not getting any justice because lies were forced through legislation so they can further try and paint you as the bad guy, fine you, rob you imprison you etc. They use your tax dollars to make a criminal out of you, to rob you of your job, to rob your children of an education while attempting to make an unjustified mockery of society and all because primarily their excuse is a few homosexuals don't want to accept themselves for what they them selves are, don't want to accept heterosexuals for what we are, and want to force a bunch of lies and deceptions through legislation to make it legal for these sickos to go around robbing everyone else of what we are while also trying to make criminals out of you for being naturally infuriated with such sick behavior.

It's all about divide and conquer with lies and deceptions.

Come Spring of this year 2020 it will be a full 20 years fighting the good fight for the well being and sanity of current and future generations under my belt. I began fighting for mandatory education of governing ways kindergarten throughout high school t teach kids the facts and our governing ways to remove lies and deceptions used to abuse children and s children's realities are the facts, laws, and governing we are all expected to abide by and pay for. So along the way, what does the government do, forced lies through legislation and school boards forcing mandatory lies upon children's curriculum to make them even more vulnerable to predators and unaware and unsure of themselves.

The following may even be an adaption of an actual composition I wrote almost 20 years ago. I know I have adapted this one over the years to reflect the times and this adaptation is from Spring 2016. I'd like to know if this was a adaptation from 20 years ago but it could take me weeks to sift through the thousands of compositions I have shared to find how far back the original goes. I know it is at least 10 -15 years but have written so many, it has become a little blurry to remember certain details such as that over the years.

Frank Vaughan, in your included video you claim lgbt support pedophilia and I called it approximately 15 years ago. Remember when the lgbt claimed sexual orientation was an equal or human right, I shared on several occasions along the way that this supports the legalization of pedophilia, bestiality and incest because if sexual orientation were ever an equal or human right, then all of these sexual orientations would be legal. What did the lgbt do, went around slandering and using their lies as justification for having me banned off of hundreds of sites over the years while they continued to defecate on the public with their radical agenda composed of a slew of sick and filthy lies and deceptions. I even stated at one point over the years that people do not strive to be defective and I asked do we drill holes in peoples heads to make them mentally handicapped because someone feels that the mentally ill are being discriminated, do we cut off peoples limbs because people without limbs feel discriminated? Last I heard these sickos pushed and got cutting limbs off legal in some places over the years and yet to see if people are going to start having their brains drilled aside from the extremely offensive lgbt garbage that already goes on in our schools etc. The enemy who wants to take over your country wants to shame you for not striving to be defective while they work towards making stealing your country from you easier for them. Think about that. If everyone has their limbs cut off, holes drilled in their heads and are sexually defective imbeciles, while children are being set of to be psychologically screwed for life, we are about to go extinct, plain and simple.

I have fought for even global unity for almost 20 years. I have been sharing the solutions (not band aid) to achieve this but as you read the following (which is really an adaptation from many years ago) notice how they have done the opposite of what I have been sharing over the years to further divide and conquer us. Again instead of mandatory education to free children from lies used to abuse them, they force lies through legislation and upon innocent little children so they are more easily subjected to become victim to abuse.

This version comes with a paragraph stating it as an adaption from 2013 of which the 2013 composition is really an adaptation of a previous version I have shared with thousands of elected, appointed and even designated officials of Canada for well over a decade including this one being shared with them now, and just after that paragraph the composition is then titled and proceeds from there (below the composition I included Frank Vaughans recent release so I could demonstrate how Frank who appears to mean well, like others is also a little confused. I do advise watching Frank Vaughan's video):

Before the solution can be applied, first religion must be destroyed permanently and globally, secondly decades of LGBT lies, as well liberal lies, need to be removed from legislation. This is a copy from 2013, of which I have been fighting for this since year 2000 and allot has happened since I wrote this a half a decade ago so this is my update.

Would you be willing to help a child that suffers abuse?

You know that many children that suffer abuse grow up deprived of living a generally normal life. Many of those who grow up deprived from suffering abuse as a child turn around and lash out upon society some time later on in life. In many cases this leads to the abuse and deprivation of more children who grow up deprived and lash out upon society thus leading more children to suffer deprivation and the sick cycle continues over and over.

(continued ...)
Feb 13, 2019
Now I have been sharing the information you are about to read with hundreds / thousands of Parliamentarians on both federal and provincial levels across Canada for the last 13 years (come spring)as well as millions of people around the globe via web sites.

Think about on the news lately, have you heard of the child porn rings which have been busted and 35 people charged? Let alone many of the charges over the years of both child porn and child molestation /statutory rape?

Have you heard about children being locked up in such places as basements over the years / some living on their feces and even eating it for lack of food etc. Yet in some cases these children even attend school and the abuse goes undetected.

I mean really how many children out there suffer abuse compared to the few which are broadcast via media? How many various types of abuse even exist? No one knows but I know how to put an end to such nonsense as I have been sharing the solution for years.

How do you stop such abuse? Well for starters the first thing is to understand is that the way that abusers get away with abusing children is by making the abusers lies the child's reality. How is a child to know any better than to believe the lies of an abuser to stop the abuser from getting away with continuing to be able to abuse the child?
It is quite simple really.

Mandatory education of governing (laws, politics and the reasons for these laws and politics) ways kindergarten throughout high school is the answer to stop child abuse and even adult abuse on the largest scale ever executed in the history of human kind.
How do I come to this conclusion so confidently, well how is an abuser going to make the abusers lies the child's reality when the child's reality are the laws and governing we are all already expected to abide by and pay for?!

That's right, you go ahead and think about that for a while.

Once you stop children from growing up abused / deprived, you end the cycles for the most part with perhaps the exception of the odd severely mentally screwed individual.

Now think, who stands to lose anything by assuring children's realities are the laws and governing we are all expected to abide by and pay for?

It couldn't possibly be politicians who seek to keep the public unaware as possible that way it is easy to pull the wool over the general populations eyes who are obviously in days of now easily persuaded by the same old stereotypical B.S. It couldn't possibly be all the lawyers and judges etc. who make a killing in cash dollars off of corruption? Oh no, it couldn't possibly be (Me being very sarcastic)

So who do you really trust? (On that note of trust I must make mention to raise awareness to Canadians on a separate issue so I will keep it brief. Do you know that if Ontario crumbles so will the rest of Canada which inevitably if continues will lead to some other country taking us over. Hey Ontario is in debt somewhere in the 20 -30 billion range and now the Proven corrupt Mcguinty Government threatens to sell off any tax payer commodities such a liquor stores etc. thus assuring that in the future that the Ontario government will not be making anywhere near enough money to stay afloat thus sending our children off into a future to basically become slaves for another country who will likely offer aid somewhere down the road which will eventually lead to the crumbling / demise of what we now know as of Ontario / Canada. Hey it's no secret that there is a near by country that has been trying to take over Canada since before Canada was even formed as Canada. Which leads to "How are they going to come to our rescue when they are more in debt than we are? Well don't believe everything you hear in the media for starters. I mean if you look closely enough it would be about the most inconspicuous way to take us over while looking crippled themselves. It certainly raises a red flag for me to share a little of my insight with fellow Canadians)

Ok I just had to mention that because it more or less leads to the abuse of children in our future if things are left up to this proven corrupted government who's only accountability for robbing tax payers of such things as hundreds of millions of dollars / billions is the famous disgusting line that goes something like "If tax payers don't like it then they won't vote us in office during next election" (which is like me robbing a bank and saying "If tax payers don't like it then they will vote me in office during next election") Yep they can apparently steal, lie, cheat and manipulate and still remain in power while Canadians yawn anything off because such garbage like religion has poisoned their brain to forget about thinking for themselves and let some trashy garbage book which is now non contest ably factually proven to be based upon a fundamental of lies beyond any shadow of doubt has lead the globe to war and divide for thousands of years do the thinking for them. I mean honestly why do you think some people will believe anything they hear even if the pieces don't fit and there is no fact to back any claims up? Think about that. A sick disease called religion.

I have noticed over the years that every time I write one of the articles and release it to parliamentarians of Canada and millions of people around the globe via web sites, that soon / immediately after sending it off the media starts on stories about how the schools are suffering etc. I mean I guess I have become a little wee bit predictable by them over the years because many times such things as stories about child abuse leads me to writing such articles as this(hundreds). So I noticed they may have planned ahead this time because I noticed on the news that not only is there this pedophilia porn ring thing going on, but there is already mention of the Toronto school board suffering funding. Yeah they will apparently tell you any redundant story to get out of what genuinely needs to be done to end these cycles of corruption for the most part.

A simple cost effective solution is take a look at religious schools, they have basically the same curriculum as Public school students except they (in their childhood state of weakness) are already being educated of how to be taken advantage of by lies and howto take advantage of others by lies through their very education of any lowly disgusting religion. Take out the religious garbage and restructure schools with Law and governing in place so that instead using lies to educate children through religious garbage, teach children the laws and governing we are all expected to abide by and pay for so that abusers can no longer make lies the child's reality thus ending greatly this sick cycle of corruption we now live!

(continued ...)
Feb 13, 2019
Lies and Facts

Abusers use lies to take advantage of the unaware. this leads to deprivation. deprivation leads to lashing out. It all equals corruption.


Pedophiles use lies to molest children and get away with it.

Abusive parents / guardians use lies to abuse / deprive children so they can continue to get away with it. Some of them lean more towards(instead of lying) playing guilt upon children's minds like "daddy /mommy , uncle , grandpa , friend of the family etc." will go to jail if anyone finds out which is why it is not only important to educate children of the laws and governing we are all expected to abide by and pay for, but to actually educate these children of the reasons why these laws and governing are in place! Bullies make illegal threats as do gangs etc. which consist of children who have suffered abuse in some way either from another bully, abuse at home etc. which generally leaves them outcasts and join other outcasts to form gangs thus encouraging the cycles of corruption which could be easily taken care of if those in governing power actually cared more about the well being of children then they care about their own selfishness and prove it through assuring all children have mandatory education of governing ways kindergarten throughout high school. Ignorance of the law is no excuse = mandatory education of governing way kindergarten throughout high school for all children!

Here is a thought for you, how many of you heard some so called justice of the peace who sits behind a bench in a court room in days of now mutter "Ignorance of the law is no excuse"? If it were no excuse then why aren't citizens who are expected to pay for and abide by these laws etc. not being mandatorily educated of these ways kindergarten throughout high school. Any so called judge or justice who claims such obvious rubbish is indeed now clearly and factually proven to be bias and obviously does not belong behind such a bench and especially those behind these benches who lean upon those without legal representation with harsher consequence! They are what I call unworthy of their title and deserve to be reprimanded and I am more than proud to proclaim it and back it up with simple factual demonstration that easily proves it!

The religious have been using lies to take advantage of the unaware /those from a time of weakness for power and control over the many for thousands of years and for thousands of years it has lead the globe to war and divide just like what the incident with this Jesus Christ (one of the most notoriously selfish and greedy humans to ever exist)proves as his lies clashed with the religious lies of another religion lead to his death thus a factual example of religious lies leading to war and divide. Holocaust yet another example of religious lies leading to the death of many religious fools sadly enough! (look me up for articles on the net which include the very non contestable factual evidence which proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the very fundamental of every religion is based upon lies and from there religions steal from society in attempt to attribute what they steal from society to their religions to aid the greedy and the selfish in taking advantage of those from a time of weakness for power and control over the many)

To no surprise now we have homosexuals lying to society in attempt to make their lies reality to the general public and thanks to such ignorance as religion plaguing the globe / weakening peoples minds of people, homosexuals have been getting away with it, but I really don't see this going on much longer because the facts are circulating.


The word homophobe. A phobia describes and "irrational fear of". For starters there is no irrationality and there is no fear. Every heterosexual on the planet is on some level "repulsed" (not afraid one bit) with homosexuality and the fact that proves it is quite simply they are not homosexuals, they are not bi sexuals, they are heterosexuals. Non essential is laughable because if everyone were gay we would have died off thousands of years ago. Ironically this word which is an obvious lie was created in retaliation by the very same people that blubber and whine about being called names themselves.Sick, twisted and demented. (Homosexuals are even getting away with for now getting their genitalia mutilated just to deceive this discriminate heterosexuals with this sick deception. If you as a heterosexual are disgusted with this and express your disgust for this deceptive form of discrimination they then try and label you as a homophobe and only the bias media and deceptively informed public supports this garbage!)

Marriage. For thousands of years did a man ever marry a man? No! Did a woman ever marry a woman? No! Did a farmer ever marry her pig? No!Did a herder ever marry his goat? No! Did a man ever marry a woman?The only time a marriage ever occurred since marriage was created and for thousands of years since is when a woman married a man which is the very non contestable factual evidence which proves marriage is about honoring exclusively heterosexual relationships because it didn't take a rocket scientist thousand so of years ago to recognize the fact that thanks to heterosexuality we even exist and is worth honoring with marriage! The very factual evidence which so obviously proves marriage was never just about two who loved or care about each other which is the exact lie that homosexuals used to trash / make a complete mockery of marriage these this past decade or two to pull the wool over societies eyes!

Sexual orientation has been claimed an equal or human right which is a lie factually proven. The factual evidence which proves sexual orientation was never an equal or human right to begin with are pedophilia which clearly describes the orientation of an adult that statutorily rapes children, incest which describes the orientation of those who have sex with immediate biological family, and beastiality which clearly describes the orientation of those who have sex with animals. All of these and homosexuality are factual evidence proving that nature has defects. Homosexuality does not even come close to equaling heterosexuality for the obvious reason again that thanks to heterosexuality we even exist where as if it were up to gays to sustain the population we would have died off thousands of years ago!

Or how about this gay pride parade garbage. What I mean by garbage is, what is there to be proud of for a man to have sex with a man or a

woman to have sex with a woman? Absolutely nothing. What is there to be proud of in a man having sex with a woman it is that thanks to heterosexuality we even exist. Hey pedophiles contribute to the workforce and other causes but that certainly is no reason to be proud of being a pedophile. Sure some may claim that it is not a choice that they are homosexual just like it is not a choice that some pedophiles are pedophiles or that some incest practitioners practice incest or that some people have sex with animals but that obviously doesn't make it right / acceptable or legal! What it boils down to is, all claims aside we all have a choice. I for example could have sex with another man but I choose not to because I find that severely repulsive, in other words an attractive woman with a firm loving embrace along with nice soft cozy very welcoming monogamous vagina suits me just fine for choice (not picky about breast sizes)

What determines the sex of an individual is what they are born with.Men are born with penises and that is a non contestable fact and what kind of men they turn out to be is determined by the course of their life! Women are born with Vagina's and that is a non contestable fact and what kind of women they turn out to be is determined by the course of their life! Then we have liars born with penises enduring operations on their genital claiming to be women just so that they can selfishly deceive unsuspecting heterosexuals and I am more than proud to stand up again such disgusting liars! Then we have liars born with vagina's enduring operations on their genital claiming to be men just so that they can selfishly deceive unsuspecting heterosexuals and I am more than proud to stand up again such disgusting liars! You were born a man, you will never be a woman no matter how emotionally screwed up you are. You were born a woman, you will never be a man no matter how emotionally screwed up you are. Then we have so called doctors /surgeons supporting a lie that a so pathetically referred to as a sex change even exist! Hey the greedy and the selfish will encourage lies as long as it feeds their greed and selfishness until comes the day a/some solution(s) is/are put in place to stop all this nonsense and I have been sharing the solution(s) backed by fact for years! Did you know that the Canadian government has been encouraging unsuspecting heterosexuals to be taken advantage of in this most sick way by funding such garbage / so called operations!

(continued ...)
Feb 13, 2019
Yeah the same government that encourages the greedy and the selfish to lie by depriving children of a mandatory education of what we are all expected to abide by and pay for so that children can grow up abused and lash out themselves. The same government that encourages the greedy and the selfish to lie through imposing religious garbage on not only the unaware but innocent little children as well which is how the religious grow in numbers worse than a pack of wolves singling out the weak one at a time even though such disgusting lies have lead the globe to war and divide for thousands of years. The same government that has gone along with so many lies it is sickening to even fathom but indeed necessary for public awareness. Here we are pushing democracy on other countries when it is proven corrupt right there in Canada.

I am disappointed about something in our National Anthem and will remain disappointed in our anthem until the day comes that the religious garbage is removed and I am proud to be a Canadian Earthling despite corruptive B.S. from our government. "Blood make our land glorious and free" for it is the bloodlines that factually do exist and factually do have impact in change! Yeah funny that not long ago I re wrote the Anthem with that line and the removal of the word truth from it (truth is the garbage that crumbles when pit vs. fact every time) and sent it off to hundreds of feds and provincials along with a few web sites and the next thing I hear on bias lowly scum bag deceitful television stations such as CHCH posing a question do you want to see our anthem changed and they founded this upon making it out to be about gender just so they could fabricate via bias scum bag stations such as CHCH to the public that Canadians don't want it changed. I David Jeffrey Spetch will continue to genuinely stand on Guard for thee and proud to do such despite all of the greedy selfish bias people with obviously next to no morality at all plaguing our country with their selfishness and greed!

what really gets me is, all these liars (whether they be child abusers, religious, homosexuals etc.) keep lying to people until people get so angry they do such things as trash churches, government property, or even calling homosexuals fagots or dyke's or go vigilante on a pedophile and the people who are made angry by these liars are the ones being made out to be committing hate crimes yet the liars getaway with it until the next person is angered by lies and the cycle keeps on going and going as it has been corrupting society for even thousands of years just so that the greedy and the selfish can continue to take advantage of those from a time of weakness for power and control over the many! Those who don't care about where their lie shave lead us so many times over and over (especially the religious),because their selfishness and greed is obviously more important to them than the well being of the life on this planet. So now many of them are in governing power believe it or not and now you have a better understanding of how society is corrupted, why it is corrupted / greedy and selfish seek to benefit and how to resolve this whole mess by simply sticking to something called fact and recognizing what fact proves! Facts are not believed, they are either recognized or ignored and the greedy and the selfish obviously choose ignorance!

I'll keep chopping away at all of you even if that means it is me vs.billions until you have nowhere else to squirm and the entire globe finally gets a genuine version of what they refer to as justice!

I personally will see an end put to all of this and it is my pleasure.Yep the tables are turning like it or not.

I seek to destroy all these selfish disgusting greedy lies which inevitable have been poisoning the minds of children for even generations.

Believe it or not I know that there are different kinds of greed and selfishness, I however am not targeting the ones who do not use lies to take advantage of the unaware just to excel in their own greed.

I see a couple of men/women out there that are billion heirs but they all didn't deceive society by using lies to accomplish their empire did they?!

I am a man of power and control and lucky for the life on this planet my wealth is my brain, my power is my passion and my control is my experience. I certainly do not do what I do for the money because I actually realized that putting the globe before my own selfishness is what I needed to do / to dig deeper in order to come to the understandings I have acquired over the years and am proud to share with you the factual information I have acquired! I never claimed to be one of the quickest thinkers, but I do claim to be one of the deepest to ever exist and once I have thoroughly gone through the fundamentals / foundation of an issue and have gone through process of elimination through the recognition of what fact proves I may very well be the quickest at those subjects once I have done this. So beware I say to all of you greedy selfish moralistic low life's because the day will come that the globe will win at my side a chance at a future for us all in an age of understanding no matter how much you squirm with ignorance! The time to pay the piper is running wild upon you!

I'm going to help you save you from yourselves "planet full of ignoramuses" because I factually do care!

David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong! (the way I use to sign off long ago ... Franks video is just below)

I nailed you all in one shot. Piece of cake!

Oh and B.T.W. I have played somewhat of a significant role with our government in bringing attention to pedophilia porn on line. I couple of years back I was browsing legal porn and they keep opening new windows with new porn sites which eventually lead to child porn so I freaked right out and gathered every single link I could find and sent it off to about 1000 MP's MPP's MLA's Senate, supreme court Ministers etc. across Canada and House of Lords (about 1000+). The following year it was made law that you must report it if you see it not only here in Canada but in the U.K. as well. The following year it was made law that you must report it if you see it.Well wouldn't you know I found another ring of porn windows that lead me again to pedophilia so again I freaked right out and did the exact same thing only this time because it was law I included that it was each and very member of parliaments legal obligation to report these links. If all worked out well they all reported it and now these policing organizations have more appropriate funding. I know I put a stop to poor innocent little children being abused, the question is will you?!! Remember mandatory education of governing ways kindergarten throughout high school and now that I have written this,watch as they will likely squirm with more stories about how schools are suffering funding to try and detour the public from what needs to be done for the well being of every child! Perhaps because I wrote this in such a way they might think twice about that this time!

Note: I do not support the odd mention of religious rhetoric in Frank Vaughan's video. I do not support children being abused and nor do I support the death penalty. I wanted to make that clear before presenting Franks video which does carry some passion about protecting our children of which he still appears to be a little confused as mentioned way up at the very first paragraph, but for the most part means well as he articulates some very good talking points. In my opinion Frank has stepped up his game lately and I applaud that.

I would also like to share a little fyi: Human children / kids have always existed (before the word kid or child was invented) since the first things that evolved into humans gave birth and recognized the child needs guidance to survive hence what a child always has been. Extensively, a person at 20 with downs still is like a child depending upon their ability to take care of themselves yet a fully grown adult.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada