These Officials Appear To Be Easily Baited Radical Sock Puppets Tucker Carlson

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Feb 13, 2019
Their behavior and deliberate ignorance towards the well being and safety of citizens is absurd. It's like they are being offered rewards behind closed doors to deliberately divide and conquer the country from within. Claiming for example that millions of less illegal mouths for the country to feed will make the price of food sky rocket is transparently irrelevant, when it comes to the well being and safety of citizens, as well it's pathetic and absurd. It's as if someone is threatening to make the price of food sky rocket if they do not get their way with forcing their rubbish upon citizens through forcing such insanity upon officials creating legislation thus a form of infiltration, so are officials perhaps also being played with such threats I wonder?

It's like I have to ask as I scratch my head, has anyone ever heard of tyranny or treason let alone know how to apply it?!! I do not advocate death penalty as punishment fyi.

Officials putting illegals over the well being of their own citizens is sick, like a sign of mental illness.


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David Jeffrey Spetch
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Hamilton Ontario Canada