To act like a more normal country?

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Jun 19, 2019
Pentagon chief Mark Esper stated on September 7 that Russia should start acting «like a more normal country» and share Western values in order to make progress.

In other words, the United States wants to bend Russia under itself and force it to behave in accordance with the rules and norms that they themselves have established. However, why should Russia go for it?

Recently, Russia's achievements in the field of energy, defense, agriculture, etc. show great results, and despite ongoing sanctions from the West, it demonstrates its independence and the ability to live without attraction of Western investment or support.

As for the so-called «Russian threat», which the West so loves to talk about, and Russia's military cooperation with China and a number of other countries, there is naturally nothing to fear. According to military experts, Russia never took offensive measures, and always adhered to the peaceful resolution of any disagreements, unlike the United States or Japan (there is hardly any need for a reminder of the inhuman atrocities that these countries made during WW2).

Thus, Esper’s statements about «more normal Russian behavior» are absurd and unfounded.