Trudeau guilty and walks, yet Canadian citizens targeted for not being lunatics

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Feb 13, 2019
Where's the punishment for Trudeau Andrew Lawton, are you Kidding? Decades of tyrants and traitors forcing legislation etc. to protect themselves from facing being dealt with as a tyrant or traitor for turning backs on citizens and democracy while instead catering to the dictatorship of lobbyists and the globalist crime organization. This was so sock puppet sickos remain in office pretty much no matter what they do, they get away with it as long as they are on board with some crooks agenda so they can continue to force lobbyist / globalist crime organization dictatorship. If these screws were removed from office so easily then the filthy dirt bags lose control hence why they have been sabotaging our system for decades. These sick, greedy, selfish ignorant officials have been screwing citizens for decades now they try and hide their sick transparency by even slandering citizens as haters to try and make their lies about citizens the issue to attempt to never be held accountable for their lies, deceptions and sick behavior when it comes to the foundation of an issue. You call them out, they make up a name and slander you with it to evade addressing the foundation of the issue. Think how cheap and pathetic a tactic they use as their only pathetic excuse to screw you when they belong in prison. Political parties are corrupt.

Politicians these days are like a murderer on a murder spree while screaming witnesses are rats to try and make witnesses being called rats the issue and the crime to try and evade that the murderer continues to murder. How pathetic is that, yet political parties continue to get away with such sick, cheap and pathetic tactics and sick behavior. They and not only Trudeau belong in prison, and these thieves who are infiltrating Canadian offices can pay back Canadians the billions they stole!!!

The armed forces, RCMP, and police I'm sure get threatened to lose their job for standing against tyrants and traitors in office so the only way for there to be any justice is if citizens stand up and take action because police, RCMP and armed forces are being dictated the parameters of their job descriptions by tyrants and traitors using this to help them further to intimidate while they continue to infiltrate and betray.

Think Andrew Lawton, modern so called political parties are loyal to lobbyist / globalist crime organization dictatorship to the point where they not only prove to be willing to lie to Canadian citizens, they go even further by forcing garbage through legislation attempting to dictate citizens should have to stoop to lying for these sickos and all you got to do is just look at Canada bill C-16, or Ontario bill 89 as factual evidence. Traitors and tyrants belong in prison. Sickly liars attempting to force legislation dictating everyone else must stoop to their sickly level and lie as their justification for lying to citizens in the first place. This is sick and completely unacceptable. It's like being governed by a tantrum throwing 2 year old with the attention span of a peanut who's got chocolate between his teeth screaming he doesn't eat chocolate and if you say he does, then he calls you a racist. Lunatics have escaped the mental asylum and are now infiltrating our government and media while attempting to make bad people and criminals out of citizens for not being sick lunatics.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada
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