Turning Backs On Citizens To Force Dictatorship Of Selfish Interest Groups

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Feb 13, 2019
I gave up on kissing up to any of our officials years ago, go ahead and ask any officials in office provincially, territorily and federally of Canada for the past 19 years ;)

I got fed up with them years ago after years of me being slandered and kicked off of hundreds of sites over factually proven foundations of leftist lies. I warned our officials and stood strong with them sharing the facts on the foundations of each issue exposing leftist lies and deceptions. What the leftists were doing was evading the foundation of each issue because they have no validity, instead they slander anyone exposing their lies and deceptions with such lies as hater, bigot homophobe to, instead of addressing the foundation of an issue, make their lies of you the issue to prevent their lies having no validity when it comes to the foundation of an issue from being addressed. Such deliberate ignorance is intellectual cowardice. I warned officials long ago where this could lead and all these years later Michelle Rempel for example goes on about being slandered a racist when if they stood up to these leftist tactics 15 years ago, we could have put a stop to this insanity manifestation of lies and deceptions long ago so I kind of chuckle when I see Michelle going on about being called a racist etc. even though the reality of being slandered etc. really isn't funny. After years of seeing facts on the foundations of primary issues go ignored, seeing citizens being banned off of sites for exposing leftist lies 10 - 15 years ago (what they call liberal policy already implemented on online news and political discussion forums as the LGBT forced a slew of factually proven foundations of lies on the public and through legislation while our officials cowered under threat of leftists already using the main stream media to slander anyone who opposes their rhetoric as hater, bigot, homophobe to always hide that the LGBT has no validity on the foundation of their every issue) while lobbyist / globalist crime organization dictatorship is forced through legislation you realize that the dictatorship of lobbyists and or globalists is not a democracy.

A democracy represents what the majority of citizens in a country wants and that is quite obviously not what has been transpiring here in Canada when to comes to many modernly important issues. Instead our officials turn their backs on Canadians, turn their backs on democracy and force the dictatorship of selfish interest groups. Thanks to such tyranny and treason, here we sit with the illusion of being hundreds of billions in deficit (Almost 700 billion federally) and infiltrated armed forces etc. who I am very confident were all threatened to lose their jobs for arresting traitors and tyrants in office one way or another or even speaking against tyrants and traitors along with what these tyrants and traitors represent. Our system has been getting sabotaged since around when our banks were sold when Trudeau's dad was in office from what I can piece together and officials made a huge mistake when decriminalizing homosexuality, what they didn't do was criminalize discrimination against heterosexuality. Now these deliberately ignorant fools are passing legislation attempting to dictate that Canadians have lie for the LGBT through bill C-16, and Ontario's bill 89 so homosexuals can get away with pretending to be the opposite sex so they can go around humiliating, traumatizing and degrading heterosexuals while robbing heterosexuals of the right, freedom and liberty to be heterosexual with these sick, filthy, disgusting, offensive LGBT lies and deceptions while trying to make criminals out of heterosexuals for being against such sick, offensive, infuriating and inexcusable behavior. I'll never stoop to lying for leftist lunatics and they know many citizens never will, this is obviously a part of their plan to make criminals out of Canadian citizens for standing against such sick and infuriating lies and deceptions. The LGBT was like a trial template to a deceptively devised formula to see what they could get away with upon the public. Since they got away with such deceptive tactics for years now with the LGBT, they are now using such cheap tactics for evading the foundation of many issues other than LGBT's rhetoric. Now they slander you with such lies as islamaphobe, xenophobe, racist etc. always to evade that they have no validity when it comes to the foundation of many issues while trying to make criminals out of citizens for being against such infuriating lies ad deceptions that these traitors and tyrants represent for these selfish interest groups instead of representing the interest of Canadian citizens.

It's like someone punching you in the face while forcing bullshit through legislation to criminalize you for fighting back, while also attempting make a criminal out of you for even speaking against such infuriating behavior. I'm not a slave and it is my pleasure to fight to free Canadians from this newly introduced type of slavery such as forcing garbage through legislation that attempts to dictate Canadian citizens have to lie for any selfish interest group is well beyond unacceptable, offensive and infuriating! This is tyranny and treason. These sickly lies and deceptions need to be removed from legislation and the sooner the better for the well being and sanity of current and future generations of Canadian citizens.

These sickos are replacing word and term definitions with their sickly lies and deceptions and using this warped sense of mentality to try and justify their already exposed lies and deceptions to make criminals out of citizens for speaking against such sick and inexcusable behavior that they represent.

Many countries have been played like this, I was in contact with tens of thousands of elected, appointed and designated officials of almost 200 countries on many occasions in recent years sharing facts on the foundations of primary issues exposing lies and deceptions only to see those same lies and deceptions being lobbied through for selfish interest groups in many countries simultaneously any way. It was in part, an infuriating experience in lieu of such.

Think about it, why flood a country with muslims while forcing factually proven foundations of LGBT lies through legislation? To make the citizens of that country look like the stupid pieces of trash that supports such garbage in the eyes of muslim invaders I find to be quite obvious. It's no secret how muslim dominated countries deal the death penalty.

Destroy economies with an avalanche of illegal invaders and careless spending while using us as puppets by dividing us with lies and deceptions to oppose each other while making up ignorant rhetoric to try and make criminals out of citizens and instead backing illegal invaders and who do you think is going to swoop in to steal all of the resources as country after country becomes crippled? (Remember they are already trying to hide much of what really goes on from country to country via main stream media and banning people online for not conspiring with leftist and globalist lies and deceptions but instead exposing such disgusting filth) You couldn't possibly be thinking the same low life's behind this selfish interest groups lobbying rhetoric in several countries simultaneously in modern day and I do write this sentence with sarcasm.

(continued ...)
Feb 13, 2019
Julie (and anyone reading this) in lieu of Julie Mora mentioning a parade in the included video, has anyone ever shared with you even just one valid reason to be proud of a man humping a man or a woman humping a woman? Go ahead and ask these lying lunatics for one valid reason. I foresee the same old, you'l get slandered with such lies as hater, bigot, homophobe etc. to try and hide that they do not even have one valid reason to be proud of a man humping a man or a woman humping a woman. They have been pulling this defecation for years and I got sick of such disgusting behavior long ago. It's like the religious coming up with blasphemy to prevent their factually proven foundation of filthy religious lies from being exposed because it would take away power and control from the selfish and the greedy who use such lies to take advantage of those from a time of weakness for power and control over the many and so they come up with such intellectual cowardly garbage as blasphemy to try and prolong their parading religious lies on the public.

I know what needs to be done, but the selfishness, greed and ignorance of officials and individual citizens, let alone selfish interest groups as well as those behind those groups are a bit of a hurdle and if people don't wake up soon and stop helping the globalist crime organization to divide and conquer us, then you might as well just throw the slavery shackles on your kids now and explain to them that if they are among the few who manage to survive what is to then come, the shackles are what they have to look forward too.

Julie, the globalist crime organization is using muslims as front line expendable pawns relying upon that muslims are all trained slaves living under threat of death for leaving or speaking against islam. Saudi pulling out won't detour the globalist crime organization and their decades of planning while making traitors and tyrants out of officials of many countries to sell citizens out while creating legislation etc. to prevent such tyrants and traitors from being arrested so they can do the bidding of the globalist crime organization more freely in recent times while making criminals out of Canadian citizens for being against tyranny and treason. I suspect the main reason they pulled from Canada was to hasten the already planned demise of Canada's economy.

This has all got to stop and that is a bit of a challenge.

It must have been very hard for Julie to refer to Trudeau as alpha anything in attempt to get him to listen to what she had to share I suppose was your intent Julie Mora.

You're very articulate and many of your words chosen wisely Julie. You are well to do when it comes to matters of deduction, a bit of a problem solver's mind for sure. It helps to be able to piece things together and the more of the larger picture you can fathom as a individual, the clearer becomes what you piece together. There is no such thing as a miracle, such a phony word being devised is the religious's way of attempting to steal credit from individuals determination and their efforts (Like Terry Fox making his run, or a doctor performing successful surgery) to try and place credit with their factually proven foundation of filthy religious lies to aid the selfish and the greedy in taking advantage of those from a time of weakness for power and control over the many. The religious even stoop so low they threaten people with lies about what happens to you after you die if you don't follow their garbage.

Nice try Julie, good to see a thinker at work in such instances as in this video for the most part 😉

4 minute 30 second video from Canadian citizen Julie Mora, I have to admit, her motivation here impressed me.


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David Jeffrey Spetch
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