Two ways for Greenland

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Jul 24, 2019
Recently, the United States has significantly intensified its efforts in relation to Greenland despite the fact that Denmark refused to consider Trump's offer to sell the island. At the same time, Danish politicians assure that «powerful American military presence in the Arctic is, in fact, in interests of Denmark». This conclusion was made by Denmark military experts, succumbing to Washington`s influence.

Moreover, the new Trump`s geopolitical strategy has a special role for Denmark. The United States has been keeping eye on Greenland for a long time, because this island is, in fact, the US bridge to the Arctic. The development of the Arctic region will bring Washington not only «bonuses» like unlimited natural resources, but also will give a total strategic leadership. According to Washington’s plan, by pulling Denmark and Greenland, along with Greenland, into the Arctic debate, it will be possible to replay the Arctic map. Thus, according to US officials, these two countries will be able to perfectly de-escalate in the Russian-Norwegian-Danish region of the Arctic. By reducing the growth of tension in the region was meant the strengthening of control and combat readiness of the northern states. In this case, according to Martin Lidegaard, the parliament member and the Committee on Foreign Policy head, the United States will not have to spend so much energy on Russia and can turn its attention to China.

Due to the fact that China, according to Washington`s opinion, poses the greatest threat, the US by all means is trying to minimize its influence in the northern latitudes. Thus, the States turn off any Chinese project in Greenland, pushing out Chinese investors from the market. In other words, Americans opposed the modernization of airports that was invested and carried out by the Chinese. At the moment, the Danish CCCC Munch Gruppe company is engaged in the 3,7 billion Danish kroner worth project.

Since 2007, the developing of valuable rare earth deposits has been carrying out by «Australian Greenland Mining and Energy LTD» company. But when the «Chinese London Mining Ltd» announced its desire to invest these projects, the US pushed them out of Greenland, despite the willingness of the Chinese side to provide workplaces for the indigenous people.

Washington intends to expend its influence in the northern latitude by minimizing of the Chinese presence in Greenland. First of all, America want to strengthen radar surveillance in the Arctic, create military airfields and terminals in the deep-water Greenland bays that would be able to receive US warships.
What can Denmark answer to such an active development of that region by the States? At a briefing on August 19 in Greenland, the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, admitted that the interest of Americans was huge and their military presence was inevitable. Furthermore, Danish Minister of Defense, Trine Bramsen, has already given the green light to the militarization of Greenland, noting that Denmark was ready to increase its contribution to the NATO budget to 1.5 percent of its GDP. The Parliament is already working on these issues.

Indeed, Denmark cannot actually sell Greenland. The island is not a colony of Denmark since 1953. It is an integral kingdom part on the autonomy basis. Moreover, in 1979 was adopted a law on self-government, so since then the country has been governed by its own parliament called Landsting. Denmark annually allocates 3439600 Danish kroner (over 500 thousand dollars) for social system and education development, and health care. Therefore, engaging foreign investment in the island’s infrastructure, rare metals exploration and development, education, healthcare, tourism seems very attractive.

Thus, Greenland has two ways. The first is separation from Denmark, which actually is possible through a referendum procedure, but due to the lack of infrastructure and qualified personnel, the autonomy presence on the island is a rather controversial issue. So a more obvious way is if not getting one of US states, then at least getting Washington-controlled territory. In this case, the deployment of American military objects, the development of mineral resources and the emergence of new environmental problems are inevitable.