UK: 8 yr Daughter Claims Violated, Father Freaks, Father Only One Arrested

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Feb 13, 2019
Of course the media ignores sharing the full story which likely has something to do with because this father is a well known activist.

I don't advocate violence but I understand parents becoming furious when their 8 year old daughter claims to be molested and the parents natural reaction might be to kick the offenders butt without a second thought and I can't blame anyone for becoming naturally infuriated with such sick and unacceptable behavior.

Think about it, your child runs to you and tells you they got molested, you confront the person and you get arrested after a two way physical altercation. The perpetrator also physically assaulted the father by the looks of it yet only the father gets arrested. The perpetrator also apparently admitted to the father to having done the assault on his child.

These globalist sickos have been gnawing away at many countries simultaneously in modern day to create ways to rob citizens of justice while instead making criminals out of citizens while loading countries with invaders while making citizens come second to invaders. They also treat children like unvaluable garbage while they feed kids heads with sick and filthy lgbt lies and deceptions to try and make kids as dumb and redundant as these globalists while also using such disgusting filth to destroy children's sex organs to kill citizens bloodlines. Doesn't it strike you as peculiar that officials don't appear to care about citizens children anywhere near as much as they obsess with the sick and filthy globalist lies and deceptions they force on the public?! It's sick, it's sad, it's horrible, it's infuriating and disgusting.

If you as a citizen are not getting justice what are you going to do? Some people get violent and the globalist know this so they try and force such rubbish on citizens as globalist lies and deceptions while even trying to make criminals out of citizens for exposing those lies and deceptions to bait citizens to snap thus they can make citizens who are making a stand to try and get some form of justice out to be criminals for not getting any justice in the first place. Pretty sick mentalities globalists have, the bottom of the barrel inciting tyranny and treason against citizens while officials turned tyrant and traitor sell out thus cater to such sick and pathetic rubbish.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada