Voting for Bernier's PPC Melina Mamone As MP For Hamilton Center

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Feb 13, 2019
Voting for Bernier's PPC Melina Mamone As MP For Hamilton Center

I've been taking much needed down time lately, having some serious and sporadic internet connection issues which impacted my decision to just get away. I mean hours to post something or send an email is just plain ridiculous. (Wondering if someone is sabotaging my connection deliberately with election drawing near...)

Anyway, after weighing pros and cons etc. and investigating Melina Mamone along with other candidates I really didn't find out anything further than a couple of recent videos on Melina and I am voting halfheartedly because I couldn't find more information on Melina to assure this is someone I would feel some comfort in voting for. I mean for all I really know, if I knew more about Melina perhaps I would never even consider voting for this person. I am not a fan of the idea of voting for someone only to find out they hide that they support rubbish I would never support. I'm a little disappointed in lack of information.

Since an independent can't become Prime Minister (not a fan of political parties having a monopoly on our political system) and the independent candidates here don't look like they stand much of a chance, I find that Maxime's PPC will give Canadians the best shot of salvaging Canada from the ravaging it has suffered due to lobbyists and the globalist crime organization collusion, tyranny and treason unfolding here in Canada in recent years.

I am not going to make a target of any individuals I do not approve of. I primarily just came here to share who I plan on voting for and why. I sincerely hope that the PPC doesn't stab citizens in the back as I even see the media being used to perpetuate other parties freely using the media to further stab citizens in the back while trying to make criminals out of citizens for being infuriated with the sick behavior officials and political parties have exemplified in recent years.

Having read many comments from citizens on various sites during my down time as of late I kind of feel proud to see many Canadians have finally woken up to a slew of lies and deceptions being forced on the public compared to even just a couple of years ago which tells me in playing my part, I have done an excellent job in raising awareness to factually exposed lies and deceptions forced o the public for someone who has been slandered off of hundreds of sites over the years as that slander is used by liars as so called justification to have me Vanned while a bunch of sickly liars are left online to continue to lie ad deceive the public. Our officials have let us all down by allowing such an absurd form of discrimination to occur and so I have lost much trust for them over the years for turning their backs on us like pathetic intellectual cowards and sell outs.

You know what's strange, the video link I posted on Melina's PPC page on my skepticism of political parties yesterday worked fine yesterday 10/15/2019 and for months before nearing four thousand views. Today I found that account of the site I linked too is removed (I left 153 news weeks ago when they turned their backs on children and society being abused while being lied too. They refused to upload a very important video so I left vowing not to post anything there any more) Further puts my trust here in question. I left that site weeks ago but what's strange is suddenly now today I find my account there was deleted after posting on Melina's page yesterday. Bit of a red flag and plays with my trust, however in modern day allot of dirty tricks are played in politics so I know it could have been anyone who happened across her page and saw that of which it could have been anything from an opposing candidate or supporter to another party and perhaps even, and I certainly hope not, but Melina or the PPC itself because that would be quite the back stab and have me place my vote elsewhere if I knew such was the case. You can also find that video here on bitchute. So unless I find out it was PPC or Melina, I'm sticking with who I chose to vote for and again that is PPC's Melina Mamone.

May you all have a safe election and farewell to some MP's. Hope I ate away at your consciences during your time in office and woke you up to some facts especially when it comes to the foundations of primary issues I address.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada