Vying for a seat at the UN is betraying Canadian principals MP Andrew Scheer

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Feb 13, 2019
No if's and or butts, you can't get out of this one Andrew Scheer. The UN has proven to be a globalist crime organization sock puppet, you wanting to join further reveals the transparency behind your further exposed intentions. Thank you very much for clearing that up and for Canada's sake, let's hope you smarten up and grow a conscience.

The UN's use for guidance is dead, the UN has become the enemy of many countries currently, a tool of the selfish, the greedy and the ignorant who seek to divide and conquer many countries around the world in modern day by using such cheap garbage that the UN has become through the illusion of it's former glory used to pull the wool over the eyes of many citizens in many countries currently suffering the abuse that this severely modernly infiltrated, compulsive obsessive, lying, deceiving and so called UN has helped to inflict upon us.

The UN is no longer credible and hasn't been credible for quite some time. Liars banning together while attempting to silence the public from exposing their sick and filthy lies and deceptions doesn't qualify as credible, it reveals how intellectually weak and pathetic phonies such as those in the UN so eagerly expose themselves to be on numerous occasions in recent decades.

It's time to start from scratch, free from the globalist crime organization and among countries who want to look out for and start something anew genuinely for the well being and safety of each other with a new name instead of this sickly infiltrated UN looking for ways such as especially every sick and filthy lie and deception used to rip several countries apart for low life globalist crime organization scum in modern day, the bottom of the barrel.

Canadians and the world alike deserves far better than this sickly UN. Like everything else that globalist crime organization infiltrates, the meaning behind the definition becomes the opposite of the title hence the UN has become the DN (dividing nations)

It would be lovely and a most welcome and positive change to see our officials instead of ignoring lies as they have s commonly become accustomed to these days, start showing the fury such lies deserve and working towards getting rid of the lies and remove such lies from legislation etc. that the UN has assisted to implement in several countries simultaneously in recent decades such as attempting to dictate that because the LGBT are bunch of mentally sick liars who do not want to accept themselves for what they are, pass legislation attempting to dictate that Canadian citizens are suppose to stoop to having to lie for these sickos which is a complete mockery attempt made of Canadian society/ so called justice, unacceptable, unforgivable and full outrage as it clearly reveals that not only are these sickos willing to lie to you while deliberately ignoring the very facts that clearly reveals those lies, but they are also willing to pass legislation attempting to dictate you have to spew their sick and filthy lies for them while attempting to make you out to be the criminal for being infuriated with their sick behavior reveals the transparency of their weak and pathetic mentalities which are quite clearly unworthy of ruling any country let alone many countries. Where their so called rule exclusively belongs is quite obviously in an insane asylum where they can call their sick abusive behavior among other lunatics like themselves normal all they want.



Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada