Western ‘pen-holders’ have high expectations for Maia Sandu. Should we even do the same?

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Aug 22, 2019
«Maia Sandu personifies honor, perseverance and a policy that serves the country and the people of the country» - stated in her address on 13 October Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Merkel’s political party.
It is said very well, although Frau Kramp-Karrenbauer did not specify which even country Maia Sandu serves.
So we don't also know.
Maia Sandu recently stated in an interview that her parents are Moldovans, and she, accordingly, is Moldovan. But in 2016 she declared: "I am a Romanian, I have all the necessary documents."
Everyone has known that Maia Sandu is a very active and ardent supporter of the absorption of Moldova by Rumania. And now, on the eve of the elections, she has become a Moldovan. It is very convenient when you can be a citizen of one country or another, as appropriate.
It's very strange to give your vote to a candidate who wants your country to cease to exist as a sovereign state, isn't it?
It is interesting just to look at the organizations whose natives work now in the elections on behalf of Maia Sandu: Soros Foundation - Moldova (SFM), National Endowment for Democracy, International Republican Institute, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, German Marshall Fund and so on. It is not difficult to guess where these organizations are located: in the USA, Germany, France and other EU countries.
She has nothing to offer her voters, except for the already familiar promises of a "bright European future", the price of which the same Moldovan hard workers have understood the hard way. A "great achievement", in the opinion of all the right-wingers, is a visa-free regime with the EU countries. But as for Moldova, one of the poorest countries in Europe, it will not be accepted into the EU in the foreseeable future. So how should the “bright European future” be expressed?
Maybe by the notorious LGBT community, by the way, actively defended by Sandu?
Let us see what is happening now in Western countries: children from kindergarten are taught that homosexuality is not just completely normal, but very progressive and glamorous. The assurances are backed up by enthusiastic support from authorities and celebrities, accompanied by colorful parades and heightened positive attention to children who have declared themselves "LGBTs". They are called “brave” and “special”. In every school there are mandatory clubs that support them. They have a distinct advantage over ordinary normal children. Is all this what we just want for our children? Do we want Moldova to accept such European values and get free of the traditional model of the fundamental unit of our society - the family?
As for the activities in Moldova, it will not prosecute compromised and corrupt people, because it enjoys the support of the deputies of the «Pro Moldova» party, which, by the way, was formed with the financial assistance of the oligarch and usurper Vladimir Plahotniuc who fled the country. Hiding from justice in the United States, he began to pay money to leave the Democratic Party of Moldova, which he previously headed. In the future, Democratic deserters joined the «Pro Moldova» party. From everything that has been already said it will continue to actively cooperate with Western sponsors and will not prosecute corrupt officials. So - the same Vladimir Plahotniuc, but only in a skirt.
And if you touch on Western sponsors, you can learn lots of new (for those who do not know yet).
So, for example, how the Sandu’s government functioned, more precisely to say - it was credited. You can investigate the open archives of the IMF. What can we see? We see how the Moldovan authorities (then represented by the Sandu’s government), behind the back of citizens, without extensive public consultations, surrendered the interests of citizens for the sake of another loan of $ 46 million, which will burden future generations.
The document shows that Moldova has transferred ownership rights in three systemic banks to foreign investors (Victoriabank, Moldova-Agroindbank and
Moldindkonbank). In the future, the rest, already smaller Moldovan banks, except for those where there are already foreign investors, will go through the "rehabilitation scheme".
There is a popular wisdom "banks are the circulatory system of the economy of the country." But if now the entire banking system of the country belongs to Western financial institutions, who runs this country? Who is in charge in it? Who dictates to the people how to live: prosper or be in poverty? The document signed by the Sandu’s government and the IMF provides the most comprehensive answer to this question.
In the same document, in paragraph 21, you can familiarize yourself with the obligations imposed on the Moldovan government, or rather on ordinary citizens, and understand who is to blame for the increase in income taxes, income tax, excise taxes, property tax, etc.
The question I asked at the beginning of the article is difficult to answer. We can only say with confidence that Maia Sandu really serves the country and the people, though not Moldovan.
Oct 27, 2020
Gosh! The woman sounds like a perfect politician for our SLIMY LIE-beral times! It seems she cannot even decide what her national loyalty is! In fact she sounds even more confused than Our idiot Boy Justin - who seems to think HIS LOYALTY should be to CHINA! Trudope seems to think Canada would be a perfect COLONY and outpost of Chinese Soviet Empire!

Here is yet another article explaining why open and unregulated tradew ith Red China - as Our idiot Boy and his loser LIE-berals are seeking, is a bad idea! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Crayola crayons tested negative for dangerous chemicals in a study by a consumer group, the United States Public Interest Research Group Education Fund. A green Playskool crayon tested positive for trace amounts of tremolite, a form of asbestos.

By Niraj Chokshi. Aug. 8, 2018

A public interest group said this week that it had found toxic substances in a number of school supplies, including asbestos in a Playskool crayon and another carcinogen, benzene, in a dry-erase marker.

The findings were detailed in a report published Tuesday by the group, the United States Public Interest Research Group Education Fund, which had an independent laboratory test 27 back-to-school products. Four tested positive for dangerous chemicals.

(Some will recall the huge scandal in China itself when it was discovered that Chinese milk producers were adding melamine to milk products to make them easier to handle and or to stretch out the supply quickly and cheaply- with the result that hundreds of babies sickened with some being crippled for life and others dying from consuming the toxic milk!)

“It’s insane for us to be finding asbestos in kids’ products, whether it’s technically legal or not, and parents shouldn’t have to worry about this in 2018,” said Dev Gowda, an author of the report who also directs the group’s campaign to persuade manufacturers to drop toxic substances from personal care products.

(China has a LONG history of shrugging off western concerns about all sorts of contaminants! One has only to think of Yankee frustration over Chinese indifference to western complaints about Chinese packing crates laced with Emerald Ash Boring beetles! The beetles and larvae could have been easily disposed of by kiln drying the wood prior to making the packing crates but Chinese officials refused- and they suggested that if Yankees had concerns then they should fumigate or kiln dry the packing crates in United States!)

(Chinese official have LIMITED concern for the environment at the best of times and they seem to delight in seeing what mischief they can make for Yankees! How Yankees were to be protected from the beetles AFTER contaminated crates loaded with product had ALREADY ARRIVED in the country did not concern the Chinese!)

(The result of Chinese non cooperation has been to see Emerald Ash Borers get FULLY ESTABLISHED in North America- with the result that govt is now cutting down tens of millions of Ash trees - killed by the beetles- with millions of Hickory trees also under threat as they are related to Ash trees and the beetles will probably get to the Hickory trees in time!)

(The extermination of an entire species of North American trees- just so we can keep buying cheap crap from China seems like a HUGE price to pay just to avoid annoying Chinese Soviet dictators!)

“We wish that we didn’t have to do a study like this, but the reality is that corporations — from manufacturers, distributors and retailers — aren’t doing this for us,” he said.

(Chinese producers have a LONG history of using lead, antimony and other toxic compounds in cheap jewelry and children`s toys as well! Chinese products MUST be constantly monitored by western agencies for alterations in chemical composition from one shipment to the next! Just because one shipment is clean does not mean the next one will be!)

The group tested crayons, markers, binders, water bottles, lunch boxes, notebooks, rulers and glue. The products were purchased nationwide at a variety of businesses, including box stores, dollar stores, pharmacies, arts and crafts stores, and online.

The group, which has been surveying toys for more than three decades, recommended that the companies that make or offer the products stop selling them and start notifying consumers about the chemicals they appear to contain.

It also called on policymakers to continue to support the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a federal agency, and urged the commission itself to test more school supplies for dangerous chemicals.

(Public opinion on this stuff is very much divided! Some people consider that access to cheap Chinese goods and maintaining happy relations with China should trump “minor issues” with a “few” products!)

Here’s a look at what the public interest group found: Of the crayons tested, one, a green Playskool crayon, tested positive for trace amounts of tremolite, a form of asbestos. The crayon was part of a set of 36 manufactured by Leap Year Publishing and purchased at a Dollar Tree store.

Julie Duffy, a spokeswoman for Hasbro, which owns the Playskool brand, said that “product and children’s safety are top priorities” for the company. "We are conducting a thorough investigation into these claims, including working with Leap Year, the licensee of the product,” she said in a statement.

(Uh huh- as I have said there is enough evidence available to suggest that ALL Chinese products should be viewed as suspect!)

In an email, John Sorenson, a spokesman for Leap Year Publishing, said that all of its products, including the green crayon mentioned in the report, “are thoroughly tested by independent labs” to meet or exceed federal standards. We are currently re-verifying that they are safe and free of any asbestos, as well as requesting a review of P.I.R.G.’s testing methods,” he said.

(Uh huh- and one must ask just how many shipments of Chinese goods are routinely tested? Chinese “quality control” is known to be ERRATIC, at best!!)

Tremolite is responsible for many cases of asbestos-related cancer and asbestos diseases, according to the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

In a statement, Dollar Tree said it was aware of the report and had “since re-verified that each of the listed products successfully passed inspection and testing.”

(But can each shipment over a period of time pass? The answer seems to be NO!)

Crayons sold under five other brands — Crayola, Up & Up, Cra-Z-Art, Disney Junior Mickey and the Roadster Racers, and RoseArt — tested negative for asbestos, Benzene and related compounds Four markers were sent to the laboratory, and two dry-erase ones tested positive for a group of compounds often found in petroleum products and known as B.T.E.X.: benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene. One of those compounds, benzene, is a known carcinogen and was found in a package of six magnetic markers purchased on Amazon and produced by The Board Dudes, a brand owned by Mattel.

In a statement, Mattel said it took such reports seriously, “aggressively” tests its products and was reviewing the claims. The markers, the statement added, “contain substance levels that fall within the permissible limits.”

(And with nobody knowing- from one shipment to the next- what chemicals MAY be present- we should question just what dosage people are really getting! This is the great problem with China- each purchase is a crap shoot- fine several times and then suddenly bad next time!!!)

(I do recall watching a TVO documentary crew filming a rice farmer spraying insecticide onto his flooded paddy - with the substantial over spray splattering onto another flooded paddy where fish were being farmed! No Cdn who saw the film would ever eat those fish! And the amount of insect spray on the rice was a question mark as well!)

Benzene disrupts the normal functioning of cells, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Long-term exposure can have harmful effects on bone marrow and lead to a decrease in red blood cells. An Expo dry-erase scented marker, also purchased on Amazon, tested positive for some of the B.T.E.X. compounds, though not benzene and none at levels considered worrying by toxicologists, according to the report.

(Still - some scientists suggest that CUMULATIVE EXPOSURE to various carcinogenic chemicals can add up to cancer -as the various chemicals sometimes react together as one! Legal levels of exposure to one chemical may be safe - but the dangerous truth often comes out if studying exposure to MULTIPLE chemicals at one time!)

In a statement, Expo said that it was aware of the report and that its products “meet all applicable regulatory and safety standards.”

Washable markers, from Crayola and Jot, tested negative.

In another set of tests, the public interest organization examined three sets of three-ring binders for phthalates, a group of chemicals added to plastics to make them flexible, some of which may affect human reproduction or development.

(With China having already displayed a savage disdain for human reproduction with its ruthless implementation of the “one child per family” POLICY!)

Only one, a Jot-brand, 1-inch blue binder from Dollar Tree, tested positive. Binders sold under the Avery and Yoobi brands did not.

A version of this article appears in print on Aug. 9, 2018, on Page B4 of the New York edition with the headline: Back-to-School Surprise: Toxic Matter in Supplies.

(So we should assume that Chinese manufacturers are aware of the western legal requirements for chemical limits - but occasionally Chinese manufacturers slip over the line into illegal territory for fun and profit??? Since unscrupulous Chinese have demonstrated a willingness to poison their own people with the melamine milk mess- there is no reason to think they will take our health any more seriously!!!!)