What I look like this evening 03/01/2020 my 50th year

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Feb 13, 2019
After 20 years in activism fighting the good fight for the well being and sanity of current and future generations primarily with facts backing claims on the foundations of primary issues I address, this is the result of my appearance after 20 years I guess one could say with legitimacy. I Just turned 49 Feb 2020 & feeling severely agitated with all of the weak and pathetic political rhetoric that goes on these days ... Just ignore fact, make up lies, call those lies you belief then start trying to force such rubbish on everyone else is no acceptable way to govern especially in a so called democracy!

Such rubbish is our governing systems these days, severely infiltrated with tyrants and traitors as well plain retarded due to something called "deliberate ignorance".

Humbly, this is me approaching 50 this evening in a less than 30 second video for everyone's eyes only:



Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada
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