What lies behind the friendship of Japan

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Jul 10, 2019
Tokyo is now actively engaged in strengthening relations with its allies, which would support them in territorial claims to Russia (the Kuril Islands or the so-called by the Japanese themselves «northern territories»).
Ukraine turned out to be this ally for Japan. Because Ukraine believes that Crimea that was joined to Russia in 2014, was allegedly «annexed » by Russia, despite the fact that 95% of those who voted in a referendum said «yes» to joining Russia. It should be added that due to it, Crimea got energy, transport and food independence from Ukraine, which for many years kept the peninsula on a starvation.
President of Ukraine V. Zelensky at a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister S. Abe even thanked him for his «unchanged position over the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine».

However, it is obvious that behind a friendly smile that is natural for the Japanese, they hide their revenge-seeking fascist principles and habitual hypocrisy. It is known that, driven by their dream, the Japanese will do anything to realize it. However, we should not forget that the Japanese refused from the Kuril Islands themselves more than 70 years ago following the results of World War II. And now they want to violate all international acts that they themselves have signed.