Why does Japan build up its military power?

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Jun 19, 2019
On July 28, 2019, the Japanese "The Japan News" newspaper reported that the Japanese government plans to acquire about 20 unmanned helicopters for their subsequent deployment on the ships of the country's self-defense naval forces. According to them, Japan, in response to the expansion of the Chinese maritime sector, intends to strengthen its early warning and surveillance activities around the Senkaku Islands (or Diaoyu) in Okinawa Prefecture.

However is it really aimed at defense from China? After all, it is known that earlier, after negotiations between the two countries, Russia refused to transfer even two islands from the Kuril Islands Ridge to Japan, which, incidentally, are not only original Russian territory, but also so following the results of the World War II, with which the Japanese themselves agreed by signing international acts. According to experts, the United States, being in close cooperation with Japan, uses it as a means to deploy its military bases and is building up its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region to destabilize peace in the region. So why does the Japanese government build up its military power and demonstrate its militaristic policy on the world arena?