Woman Threatens Cop With Knife & Gets Killed Is Clearly Not White Supremacy

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Feb 13, 2019
A cheap attempt to call this white supremacy, to what try and shame all people for the colour of our skin for one person with white skin to do their job when their life is threatened with a weapon?! This is pathetic.

My condolences to the friends and family of the woman who was likely in some sort of panic to threaten a cop with a knife. Sad it turned out this way yet I do not blame a police officer for defending them self no matter the colour of anyone's skin. That cop had every right to defend them self no matter what racist bigot, or half decent person etc. likes it or not.

Someone dies and someone else shames it with profound lies to assist in escalating a sick and disgusting globalist agenda. So sad, the politically sick society of compulsive obsessive lying deceiving liars we endure. So now every time someone white skin does their job when it comes to involving someone who isn't white and the person who isn't white threatens the white persons life and gets killed in a self defense scenario, we have a bunch of cheap mentally redundant bigots who apparently want to kill all white people by assisting everyone who threatens white peoples lives trying to make white people the problem via media etc. and acting like their racism doesn't exist while they exemplify racism in the most obvious way themselves quite thoroughly, pathetic.

Like we live on a planet full of 2 year old mentalities = globalist and their filthy thralls including main stream media.

Oh they weren't doing their job only because they are white and exorcise their right to defend themselves while being attacked is so cheap, transparent and stale. All and all, well beyond infuriating.

Chantel Moore, I wasn't there to know exactly what happened but may you rest in peace.



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David Jeffrey Spetch
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