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Jul 10, 2019
Today, when the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty has expired, the world community is seriously concerned not only about the huge threat to international security, but also about the fact that a possible arms race in the world will seriously affect the living standards of people as a whole. But most of all, the world community is concerned about the withdrawal from a treaty of a country such as the United States.

For example, on August 24, 2019, Iran expressed its concern about the US unilateral withdrawal from the INF Treaty and the recent Washington test of a cruise missile. The official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Abbas Mousavi, in his speech called for «a proper response to the destructive actions of the United States and its withdrawal from international agreements».

Concerns about this are also expressed domestically. For example, a group of US Democratic senators led by Elizabeth Warren sent a letter to the leaders of the Senate Armed Forces committee Jim Inhofe and Jack Reed urging them to prevent a new arms race. Also, the need was expressed for the extension of the New START.

That is, activities that were previously banned by the INF Treaty are now being actively developed and carried out by the States with a vengeance. After all, not even a month had passed before a ground-based cruise missile with a forbidden flight range of more than 500 km was tested in America. Moreover, despite the fact that the Americans stubbornly rejected this figure, claiming that the ground-based MK-41s were not capable of launching Tomahawk sea-based cruise missiles, this fact after the tests was publicly confirmed and there is no sense in denying it.

Also, on August 28, 2019, it became known that the U.S. Department of State decided to sell Japan the SM-3 Block-IIA missiles, MK-29 launchers and related equipment that violate the INF Treaty terms. According to the States, the sale will provide the Japanese government with enhanced capabilities to defend against ballistic missiles and defend Japanese territory, as well as ensure the security of the US military stationed in the country.

However, according to experts, given the union of the growing strength of Japanese militarism and the aggressive course of American politics, it is not difficult to guess that Washington is planning to gain a stronger foothold in the Asia-Pacific region with this deal. And the potential «targets» of this weapon will be states, with territories beneficial for both of these countries: Russia, China, etc.

Thus, the consistent and pre-worked out US plan to withdraw from the INF Treaty poses a threat to the emergence of a new arms race, and is also a matter of concern to the entire world community, including the public of America itself.