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Hello Lilly. This site is aching for attention and with all that goes on with the corrupted platforms of today, I'm surprised to not see more people here by the hordes.
Whom needs more of a life then what she has had so far. As opposed to what it has been for the most part of her life and beyond.
The UK must stop giving £14 billion pocket money each year to 3rd world dictators, many of whom hate us and wish us harm if not death. With so many of our veterans sleeping on the streets and suffering from mental health, that money could be better spent on those who deserve and have earned it.
Sky News newspaper reviewers getting more and more left wing, not just left wing, coming from the hard hard left, this morning one confirming that any MP who does not agree with Corbyn's views should be deselected. Sky News should get some real people on to review the papers, not just political geeks representing political party's.....
I live in a country where free speech is not allowed, whose capital city is in the grip of gang warfare and nobody in government will do anything about it for fear of being called racist, that country is the United Kingdom.
The UK has been under a Nazi ideology based government for more years than most people can remember, but until recently, with the advent of democratic fundamentalists, such as Tommy Robinson and that fine man being sent to jail for his political opposition to the mainstream and the massive influx of Muslims and their evil, hate everyone ideology, no one noticed and no one cared.
I envy your gentle demeanour as you explain why no one will do anything for fear of being called racist. I find it difficult to even write without getting into a lather when I think of those Jew killing Child raping savages. Here's a Hate Crime, I hate Man-U. FREE SPEECH!!!